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Wi Fi Router Question

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Okay gang, here's my situation, sorry if I asked this before somewhere, but I'm getting serious now lol


I have an external high gain USB Adapter Wi Fi Antenna which I use at many parks or other places that are transmitting Wi Fi and it works fine. It mounts outside the RV and has like a 15 ft cord with a USB Connector on the end which plugs into my laptop USB port NO PROBLEM SO FAR.


PROBLEM IS while it works on the laptop, the little woman, my first wife, that lucky woman, cant receive the signal on her Kindle. Sure, I see all kind of wireless routers out there, but they are like I have at home which use a LAN Cable or a phone DSL line input and then transmit the wireless signal throughout the home to operate a laptop or Kindle etc.


I need a wireless router that accepts my antennas USB input and then re transmits that to the Kindle or my laptop inside the RV


NEEDED: A Router with USB Input (NOT DSL, NOT LAN) that accepts my WiFi Antenna and then generates a wireless signal for Kindle and laptop at same time.


I know about Mi Fi and Jet Pack and all that stuff, that's NOT my question or interest, I want a Router with a USB input, any advice???


John T

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Hi John:


What you really need is a router with what is called "WiFi as WAN" capability. What that means is that, unlike a conventional home router, it can receive wifi signals from external wifi sources and then rebroadcast them inside your RV on your private network. Such devices are made by a number of companies and most come with externally mounted antennas and amplifiers, so they can receive weak wifi that an antenna alone would not be able to capture. You wouldn't need to use your existing antenna.


I work for one of these companies http://wifiranger.com and we market a variety of products from lower cost, indoor systems to powerful outdoor ones. Take a look at the WFR website and I'll be glad to answer any specific questions you might have.


If you would like to learn more about how these different products stack up against each other you can find that information here: http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/overview and here: http://www.jackdanmayer.com/communication.htm


Joel (AKA docj)

Sandie & Joel

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Take a look at Connectify. It will let you use your computer as a hotspot. I haven't used it in a while, but I think there are a couple on this forum that have a lot of experience with it. I used it to access the Verizon WIFI network when they allowed access to that system by those with a 3G modem. The modem had to be directly in a computer. Using it in a WFR or other router would not work and the experts here and at WFR did not know of a work around. Here is a link to a previous discussion about it. I think it even talks about what you want to do.

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Great, that's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. The magic words "WiFi as WAN" opened the door to all sorts of products and it looks like Connectify is a decent low cost software approach. When I stick my external Wi Fi Antenna up on a pole outside the RV I usually pull in 4 to 5 bars of signal strength so if the wife can get that to operate her Kindle I don't have to give up my laptop lol


I'm pretty satisfied with my USB 760 Air Card and its external antenna for my non WiFi remote cellular internet, so if I can get the wife's Kindle online I'm a happy camper.


John T

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Look at Walmart for a WiFi range extender/ repeater.


on edit: this may not be what you need after all.



One caution on these extender/repeaters. Is most of them will reduce the data volume by 50%. Not al lot them, so check carefully to make sure you know what you're getting:)!


And like TCW, I've used Connectify successfully a few times. Especially traveling to Alaska, where we'd have a combo of weak WiFi (sometimes:)!), and weak 3G (most of the time 3G, but sometimes great 4G when in Fairbanks and Anchorage) - Connectify allowed for overall faster thru put by sort of load balancing the traffic.


Of course, the USB760 stuck in a WiFi Ranger GO2 - would allow rebroadcast too.


Best of luck to you,


Be safe, have fun,


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I had the same problem. I have a web and video business and needed to work on websites sites and move files around the net. I have a Verizon MyFi, but try to use the park wifi, because free bandwidth is good. I also needed to support multiple connections in the 5'ver. Ms. Joan loves her iPad and keeping up with the babies back home.


I choose the Amped Wireless SR10000 wireless repeater and matching 8db gain dipole antenna. Cost for repeater, antenna and matching cable was around $200. I have the antenna clamped near the top of the 5'ver ladder and the wireless repeater inside in one of the cabinets. Cable run was basic. Down the ladder and a small hole in the floor sealed with a little Dicore.


The SR10000 is a little router geeky to setup, but easily repeated as you move from park to park. Use the router web address or phone app. Search for the free wifi node SSID, log on and that's it. The SR10000 acts like a home router with password so you're not sharing your connection with unwanted guests from next door.


Results have been very good for signal strength. Before, if I had no signal in the 5'ver, but at least 1 bar outside, I now get 3 to 4 bars, plus sharing one park connection with multiple devices. This doesn't fix those low bandwidth connections out of the park, but performance is greatly improved. That fix for me is a very early morning to move files around before eveyone wakes up in the park. Again, free is good.

Jerry and Joan

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