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Linux on Tablets (and Surface)...

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I somehow stumbled onto a page describing the installation of Ubuntu Linux on a Surface Pro 3 a couple of days ago (http://blog.davidelner.com/dual-booting-ubuntu-14-10-on-the-surface-pro-3/) and that got me to thinking about Ubuntu on tablets.


Turns out that there is an Ubuntu "Touch" out there now: http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet


My Samsung Tab 2 is out of date. It doesn't take long nowadays. And it's not as snappy as it was when I first got it. Of course, there might be more apps on it that insist on running in the background than there should be and, let's face it, a Tab 2 is not what you'd call a "fast" device anyway. But I like the form-factor, the touch screen (at least on a tablet, maybe on a laptop... but on a desktop not so much) so I still use it. For one thing, the audio is clear and crisp; much better than on my Note 3 or any other mobile device.


But it's not being updated. Maybe it will be... but I suspect not. And, anyway, I'd like to be in charge of that but I'm not that hot on "rooting" my tablet. Of course, installing Ubuntu would be an effective "root" but I understand that one a lot better than I understand exactly how Android reacts to that operation.


At least it's interesting. And it's always good to have a choice.





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If you do a search on "samsung tab 2 rom" you will find others have created Android updates. Not the Linux you know, but there are ways to update. My 7" Tab 2 sits unused now that I have a Note 3, so I have been thinking of going the custom ROM route.

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Some are set up to load from an SD card to change Android or Android derivatives before you commit to a full Root and replace. I did that with a Nook for my grand niece. Then you can try before you buy with the labor.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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