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Mail Scanning Service announced...

Kirk W

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Just got the following news from Escapee's news service


Mail Scanning Service

We are pleased to announce that Escapees Mail Service now offers an interactive scanning service with online capability that allows members to view their personal mail quickly and easily. Subscribers are able to view and manage their first-class mail.


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at what cost?


"Mail Scanning Service - $10/month - includes all first-class envelopes (available to Category B and Category C subscribers only). Fee for content scanning is $.50 per page."


If you go to https://www.escapees.com/club-benefits and click on the "sign up" button on the upper left-hand side of the page, you, too, can receive emails with updates such as this.

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The announcement is great, I went looking for how to enroll, even WHEN it will be available. after diligent searching through the entire web site this is the first reference other than the announcement. There is no information, not even a form to fill out in the forms section, nothing.


Can you tell I am just a bit frustrated? Even a note "coming soon" would be better than an announcement that it is here with no way to enroll nless the phone number for "more information" is the only way to enroll in this new internet happy SKP world.


By the way, my frustration is heightened because I "thought " I had used the web site to order a mail delivery that seems to have never made it to the office. That is a first! another first for which I guess I get to blame the PO is mail delivered to USPS on Tuesday got held up in Houston and never reached us until Friday.


I think I will now indulge in an adult beverage and remind myself that truly nothing I really need other than Credit Card Renewals and some magazines ever comes by snail mail :)

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A nice addition, but others have had this for quite some time. The St. Brendan's Isle mail forwarding service has been offering this service since I signed up. Unsure how long before then. Being able to see the envelopes allows you to decide what mail to Forward and what to Hold or Shred. The normal fee for mail forwarding with them is $11.99 per month. To add the scanning service is $7.99 per month.


I am in no way connected with St. Brendan's Isle except as a satisfied customer.

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