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Small Air Compressor needed - Recommendations?


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Looking to buy a small air compressor for my Class A.

Pancake or Hot Dog style

Would like to get something that delivers at least 1.5-2.0 cfpm @ 90lbs.

Units needs to be reliable, light, quiet as possible (<70dba), and easy to store.


Budget is around $150.00 or less


This one seems to be the winner so far



Anybody had experience with these two?


Fini 1.2-HP 1-Gallon 135-PSI 120-Volt Hot Dog Electric Air Compressor


Fini 1.5-HP 1.2-Gallon 135-PSI 120-Volt Hot Dog Electric Air Compressor



There is this one, although it seems a little weak at 90psi



same with this one


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Suggest you get one with at least 150psi max. Ones rated for 135psi sometimes cycle off before a 120psi tire is full. Then you have to bleed off some air to get it going again to finish the job. I have the Craftsman version (which I think is discontinued) of this unit. Mine has served us well for several years though its soul purpose is just to keep tires topped off.

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I was going to go with one from Lowes, but i wanted to be able to use it on the road if needed. I'm not going to have a Geni and my inverter would not handle the plug in type that I would need to have a 150 PSI one. So, I'm going to get this one, http://www.amazon.com/viair-150-psi-high-flow-air-source-kit/dp/B000X9LTXA?SubscriptionId=1P5P1QJ1VKCQF2MN36G2&tag=viglink21355-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B000X9LTXA

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I have had the red pancake 135 psi for years but it has it's limitations. After buying our Mobile Suites I found it didn't have the ability to air the tires to 110 psi. Went to Lowes and bought the Kobalt Hotdog 150 psi unit. Quiet, fairly light weight, and does the job for $149 and they give the veterans discount.


Good luck on your decision!

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We use a Power Tank which is a CO2 system. The price may seem high but if you get the tank, regulator, inflator, hoses, and chucks ala carte, your price will be in the same ball park.


CO2 is quiet and requires no power. Easy to top off your tires early in the morning without being a pain to your neighbors. Also, the physical space is more convenient that a pancake compress.


For us was the ability to easily top off our 115 psi tires, quickly.

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I have the discontinued Craftsman look-alike of this unit. It works well for my RV travel needs.




The unit can easily top off 22.5" tires and power small air tools. It does not meet your less than 70 decibel requirement however. That is a tall order to fill for under 150 bucks. Note: I did replace the plastic air hose with a rubber air hose.

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