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Howdy All,


I have tried and given up trying to access the account using my Mac, it simply won't work. Just today I got an email from the folks who run the web site telling me my account was shut down due to not being used. I have sent them another email asking them to help me access the knowledge base on that web site so far they have not responded with anything that will allow me to do so .



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I don't know why you can't get in on your Mac. The newest version of PartsPro (version 6) runs on Safari just fine. I never use Windows for AccessFreightliner any more.


I just go to the website: http://www.accessfreightliner.com


Then click the "login" button at the upper righthand side.


Put in your username and password in the appropriate places on the member login screen and you are in.


You will want to click on the "PartsPro 6"


It will open a new tab (or window depending on your settings). You'll put your serial number (last 6 of the VIN) in the box and hit go.


Not sure why you would have any problems with it - it works perfectly since they made the update to version 6.

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I cannot answer your question as far as using MAC. But I know when I first tried a number of years ago my Explorer was to new a version and it did not like it. Firefox did not ever work and not sure it will now or not.


I have logged on just to keep my logon fresh and not get blocked for lack of use which I think is set and 6 weeks but I try to get on every 4 weeks if only for that reason. I can tell you though if the schematics are electrical you can only access those for trucks newer than 2001 I believe. Doe snot help me for my 1998 so when I need schematics have to go to Freightliner directly. I have yet to get one of them to print me a set as they say it will take to long because there are to many. ^_^


For parts and stuff though have used many times and helped a lot.


Sorry you are not getting it to work as it is a valuable help. :(

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When I try to access any schematics it wants me to instal GCM Viewer, when I try to install it is a MSI file. MSI files are a windows file format.


Ah, turns out I have not tried to open a schematic since I switched from Windows. I use the exploded drawings in PartsPro most of the time. It appears that Larson does have a viewer for Firefox that runs on Linux, but I've not tried to run it under OS X. I guess I'll have to poke at this a bit. I can't believe that there is not a solution for the wiring diagrams as they added the Safari compatibility for service tech's iPads and would think they would need the schematics also.

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I just tried, got in without a problem! If you have not setup your account you cannot get in, if you let your account lapse by not using it you cannot get in. This is a service for "all" Freightliner owners from MDT to HDT pleasure to commercial. If you cannot figure it out by computer, just give the customer service division at one of the factories! Great tool just have to use it. Oh yea, it's free!



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