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Country music group bus fire


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Never heard of them.

Suppose they had to go out door by tire fire?


Search youtube for Lady Antebellum to get a selection of their music, I like it.


If the tire wasn't too hot they could get out past it but otherwise they'd have to use the emergency exit. Some of the exits in custom coaches and motorhomes are a LONG way up in the air and a bit small for big folks. Finding your's and thinking about it before you need to use it is a really good idea. Keeping it in mind when you park so it doesn't end up in a bad spot isn't a bad idea either.

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Lady Antebellum was, no doubt, heading for Dallas for the ACM awards. We were on I-20 headed east towards Vicksburg on Wednesday and encountered several band buses headed west towards Dallas (easy to spot color-matched Prevost's).

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