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I did it again.


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Like a dummy I just unhooked my water softner without really paying attention to the inlet and outlet. I am pretty sure the first time I hooked it up, I had it backwards, because I couldn't tell any difference in the water in the rig. After a couple weeks ai backflushed (or flushed) it , recharged and hooked it up again. A remarkable difference was noted. If I hadn't moved it away from the owners house to flush it I would have been fine, but here I am not sure which end is the correct one to have inlet and outlet. I have tried looking at the websites but it is unclear from the photos and they only say inlet and outlet. I find nothing written on either.


The opening at the top where you place the salt seems to communicate with probably the outlet. Am I correct?


The other port is where the water runs out of when I turn the unit upside down to drain. I would assume that is the inlet allowing water in to come in contact with the media but as I write this maybe the water contacts the salt first and then goes through the media. It's so confusing right now. Help please,


Thanks, Rod


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No make known. One of the black units that you use table salt with. I have instructions for an RV Pro and it shows an inlet and outlet side but not from the top, only from a side view. They have a Y on the outlet, but mine came to me with nothing on either side.


Thanks for you immediate response.



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Stanley, this is the place I found the installation instructions that had a photo of the top of the unit marked inlet and outlet.




And for some reason the link worked taking me right to the photo. Would not do that earlier. Guess it's my computer.



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You don't say if you have the Y-connector. If you do that is always on the outlet side (I just leave mine on for that reason). For what it is worth the Y-connector is not a normal garden connector. The 'drain' side has just a small hole so that when you are back flushing and recharging the unit you do not risk losing the resin bed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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