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Roadtrek group?


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Sorry for the delayed response - hopefully these links will assist prospective (or current) Roadtrek owners.


I've listed the URLs as text rather than links for security reasons (I'm a web manager / database analyst) - anyone interested can copy/paste these links into their favorite web browser.


VanTramps: www.vantramps.com
Red Rover Roadtrek: www.redroverroadtrek.com
Roadtrek 190 Popular: roadtrek190popular.blogspot.com
Roadtrek Life: roadtreklife.blogspot.com
...and my just-now-updated, hopefully-useful-blog:
Roadtrek Mods: rsmithey.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/roadtrek-mods/
(I retained the original, filed under 12/07/09, but I updated it today 06/28/15 so visitors can see what I acquired/kept/removed over the past 6 years)
Hope this helps, and enjoy!!
Edited by rsmithey

Rachael, Snow, Oliver, Fiona and Gloria
2008 Roadtrek 170

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