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  1. there's another poster on DBS talk having the same issue as me and everyones saying that there's a glitch with the hopper 3 and 4k tv's
  2. I hear the hopper 3 has the best video as far as the picture but I have also been hearing the hopper 3 has a software glitch with certain 4k tv's who knows??
  3. i can't belive that winegaurd said that they don't have the hopper 3 yet for testing i found that to be bs. they should have gotten the hopper 3 before the general public for testing!! i am very self sufficient. i found zulu's post worked and i trust his posts over the reps at dish!! the only thing that i trust the dish reps for is changing my address for my locals and swapping out hardware heck they have no clue what the winegard travlr dish is . than god i read zulu's post and found out that i needed a new LNB and a hybrid hub. but like i have said before both companies have good reps and reps that will make ya want to pull your hair out
  4. ganto

    lance 2295

    i looked at one and i didn't like the window in front of the bed and the non ducted A/C unit and the turn around t.v whats up with that. but other than that i thought it's a good unit though 30-40 grand is kinda steep for a few dollars more i can step up into a super class c
  5. this topic could be argued so many ways!!
  6. that is a whole other novel about weather or not a house is a good or bad investment if i had a buck for everytime i heard that someone was upside down in there mortgage i could retire
  7. i installed my hopper 3 today replacing my hopper 2 and i am noticing the picture quality is pretty horrible below dvd quality compared to my hopper 2 on my sony XBR43X83OC!! i know the hopper 3 is HDR compatable and i have noticed that it turns on the HDR setting no matter what what the content is could that be affecting my picture. but according to dish there's a major software glitch in the hopper 3
  8. i agree with you!! as if i had fallen for there bait and switch tatic for them telling me that i own the receivers even though i didn't after they charged me for em. but like i said i'm glad an installer told me that those prices are for peoples who's credit didn't pass. i heard horror stories with directv!! but i have heard horror stories with dish. but i wonder how many people really read the fine print or ask questions alot of complaints seem to be from the contract. heck there giving you free receivers and discounted programming for xxx amount of time they have to recoupe there cost some how. iv'e had good luck with dish. the only problem that i have had with dish is them telling me that my hopper 3 won't work in my rv. wich is not true. hell they even told me that none of the hoppers won't work in an rv so i told em that's a lie and that i have a hopper. the guy checked my account and he didn't know what to say after he found a hopper and one super joey on my account .
  9. ok so I am curious as to what some of the craziest things that you have seen people do to remain in there SB home?? my neighbors bothered worked 2 jobs each and they would complain that they never had time for vacations or even time to spend with each other. after they told me there 400k in CC debt alone not counting car payments and the mortgage I just don't get it why do people go into so much debit and not save. many don't have any money put away for retirement and so on. needless to say they got foreclosed on and the cars repoed
  10. Now see i'm full time and i don't have to cut the grass though i do have to take out the garbage . yes it cheaper to live in an RV over a SB house yes it is as well as it's less stresfull to . but it also really depends on the lifestyle that you want to live. you can make it as expensive or as cheap as you want, one more thing to adding into the cost of weather or not living in an Rv is cheaper than living in a sb house. have you added up all of your property taxes and the intrest that you paid on your morgtage. though i don't know how much your house is worth and it's none of my business but i'm almost sure that you could have had a top of the line RV with what you paid in all of that.. my light bill went from 600.00 a month to 5.00 a month why it's because i'm not running 10 tons of ac to keep the place cool!! where i'm at i don't have to pay for water and sewer it's included in the rent as well as garbage is to and my lot rent is 600.00 a month!!
  11. i would prob go with a class c since it's just me and that's how i like it. and why not go with a c when a b class cost just as much or if not more in some cases?? though i would want my class c custom built to my specs.
  12. i would love a class b with good storage iv'e had people ask me why i use my bathroom as a closet . and a bigger bathroom would be nice also and not bumping your butt into everything each time you turn around . i'm in an E TREK and that's the only class b that i know of that don't use any propane. it's all electric and diesel
  13. i love my travlr i wouldn't have anything else . it looks at all three satellites like the one on a sb homes does and it's just like watching tv at your sb house. not like the dome dish setups where you have to wait for the dish to find a satellite if the channel you want to watch is on a different bird plus its fully automatic!!
  14. don't feel bad i called in one day and i didn't know where i was transferred to. so i started asking questions about hardware costs and a few questions about my account. after i was done the rep told me that if i wasn't gonna buy anything then i shouldn't call them WTF cause he wasn't making any money. hell if you don't like your job then get a new job it's that simple . but the dish reps are really making me starting to think about going back to directv!! and dish wonders why there loosing customers . i really have begun to wonder how much longer they will be around
  15. I to agree that those retention specialists can work miracles after you threaten to cancel
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