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  1. Someone in this group very kindly offered to be my second sponsor. I would have to ask him whether it is OK to publish his name before doing so. I forwarded his info to the Lodge Secretary, and now they have to read my app at the next meeting, then publish it in their newsletter or magazine, then vote on whether to invite me for an interview. If I am interviewed and pass muster, apparently the next step is initiation--a formal ceremony that includes I know not what! The secretary told me it will probably be at least six weeks (beginning of June) before the process will be complete. It seems a very worthwhile group, both for giving and receiving assistance, so I think it's worth going through this process. The annual dues are per person, but it's possible for one spouse to be a member and for the other to attend functions without officially being a member. However, I think my husband may also have to be interviewed and go through initiation...not sure. Anyway, in answer to your question, in our case, just ONE person is seeking membership, although there may be other people who have applied this month--but I would have no idea of how many.
  2. I went to my local Elks Lodge in Ventura, CA, today to apply for membership. The club secretary "proposed" me, and I have a friend in Morro Bay who agreed to be one of my "sponsors." The Lodge requires TWO sponsors, and I thought I had two (the Morro Bay Elk and his wife), but it turns out she is just an auxiliary Elk, not a full member. I need a second person to sponsor me. Is there an Elk here in Escapees who would be willing to sponsor me? I am happy to tell you about myself so that you will know I am a decent, law-abiding citizen, etc. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can give!
  3. bboo52

    Roadtrek group?

    Is there an Escapees Roadtrek group? We are going to see a used Roadtrek this weekend that we hope will be "the one" and would like to connect with others who own this brand of RV. Thanks!
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