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Black tank


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Do you just dump your black tank or flush it? I highly recommend a clear attachment at the end of your pipe. When you think the tank is empty, have someone dump a 5 gal bucket of water down the toilet while you're watching outside. You'll still see a lot of solids coming out. If you have a tank flush system, use it. If not, run a hose to your toilet and flush that way. It's amazing how much stuff doesn't get carried out when you first open the valve.

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I never dump the black tank till it's 2/3 or better. I use the onboard flush system and run it for 15 mins while the tank is draining. I use the Flush King about every third time I empty the tank. Even immediately after I use the flush, I still have a problem! Unless I use that wand.

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Best, I think, is still a few (3 or 4) bags of ice cubes dumped into the tank, then a road trip to "slosh" it all around. You will want to add the cubes about the time you are all hooked up and ready to drive though. Don't let them melt too much before you drive. Then dump and rinse. You could add a big squirt of dish detergent when adding the cubes. This will help too with any odours.

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Anyone ever try Calgon?

Calgon is a water softener product that works by changing minerals in water to a solid which then settles out on the bottom of the container holding the water. That is what the manufacturer states that it does. I don't want solids to precipitate out in my waste tanks.

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I have use Calgon for a number of years along with laundry detergent and it has worked very well for me.

The water softener is supposed to keep the tank slick so that nothing sticks to the sides and the detergent to keep it clean.

After each dump of the black tank I mix two cups of Calgon and one cup of power laundry detergent in a bucket of water, about three gallons,

and flush it down. Good Luck

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