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Converting Honda 2000i to Propane


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I've had my Honda 2000i for almost 2 years and the only time it's been run is for the monthly exercise I give it. I run it for 30 minutes every month and plug my shop vac into it for the load. I am at the point now where I either want to convert it to propane to eliminate the monthly exercise or sell it and buy a propane generator. Power outages are extremely rare in our area but I still like having one around just in case. The place in the link below offers a tri fuel conversion and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with this conversion. Thank you.



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Check out this web site. Pinellas Power Products - Portable Generator Extended ...





I have used his videos on you tube and also visited his shop. Very knowledgeable about his equipment and very helpful for info and parts.



safe travels, Vern

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Drain the fuel, put in fresh oil and crank it around until it is on the compression stroke, then let it sit until needed.


If you can siphon fuel out of one of your vehicles you can skip storing gas, if you store gas use a fuel stabilizer and rotate it through your car at least annually.


I used a blow-dryer for my load since it was small, cheap and 1500 watts.

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I guess I'm one of those overkill kind of guys. I do exercise it monthly, I only use ethanol free gas, I've changed oil twice, I've had the recall done and I run it out of gas every second exercise. So if I run it out of gas I don't have to exercise it? I thought there is a reason to exercise generators other than the gas issue. Something about the electrical windings. My stored gas in the can never sits long enough to get stale with all the other equipment I have.

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I think it is something about "exciting" something or other. I don't think it is common to happen and maybe with newer technology it may not be a problem at all any more. Just reaching way back it sticks in my memory from some literature on a new 2500W Coleman that was bought for work. Good little genny that may not have ever been serviced or tuned up and stored for extended times with out even starting. Noisy little sucker though. Also strangely no oil drain. You have to turn it upside down to drain out the fill hole. Oil never changed but the "break in" oil the first time by me. After that only add oil if necessary and pull the cord. Talk about abuse. Is used at altitudes from about 5k ft, to above 10600 ft with no adjustment. If it wasn't so noisy I think I would have one just as l back up. OK TMI again.


More spelling and typing edits. I see these could make me look even dumber if I don't correct some from time to time.

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