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  1. Add real estate to that list, at least here in Florida. I’m not in the market to replace my condo but I do enjoy watching the listings. Listings pop up one day and the next day they are pending sales, often after a bidding war from competing purchasers. The old saying “I’ll sleep on it” doesn’t fare well in today’s market. “You snooze, you lose” is more appropriate these days.
  2. The IRS started processing 2020 returns on February 12th. I filed electronically in late January and indicated they could take my payment immediately. They didn’t take it until February 17th.
  3. We received a “shot card” after our first Moderna dose on January 6 indicating our dosage. We took the card with us for our second dose on February 4 and they updated it with our second dose information. Reminded me of my old military shot card. I have it handy and will take it when we travel to Alaska in June. You never know when you might have to prove you are vaccinated.
  4. I have to agree with you on the way some people wear masks. I do have a supply of N95 masks. They are available but also expensive. Currently costing $4 or $5 each where at one time they were 3 for $1. However, they do fit tightly with little to no gap anywhere on my face. Some call them uncomfortable but you do get used to the tight fit. It always bugs me when I see people wearing masks with their nose hanging out and some who look like their mask is only a chin strap.
  5. I became a widower suddenly over 5 years ago due to my loving wife of 45 years having an aneurysm. After a few years I hooked up with my current soul mate. She is somebody my wife and I knew for many years so I knew what I was getting and there have been no unpleasant surprises. I remain very active at 72 and enjoy doing many things but I enjoy sharing them with somebody else probably more so than I would doing these same things by myself. Unfortunately, Alaska probably won’t be an option for land travel this year due to the continued closure of the Canadian border. I love Alaska and have
  6. I remember our first RV rental trip to Alaska in 2005. One of our excursions was a drive from Anchorage to Haines. We set up camp in Haines and boarded the ferry for a day trip to Skagway. We enjoyed a nice peaceful day in Skagway including the famous narrow-gauge railroad ride. As we were boarding the ferry for our return to Haines a cruise ship docked. 4,000 passengers got off the ship and flocked into Skagway. I know the local businesses live for that but we were so happy we missed the crowds for our day visit.
  7. Canada extended a ban on cruise ships through all of 2021. The ban has a significant impact on Alaska tourism since most foreign registry cruise ships sailing from the lower 48 are required to stop in Canada before proceeding to Alaska. One source states that of the 2.2 million summer visitors to Alaska in 2019, 60% arrived by cruise ship. I do have sympathy for the Alaskan tourism industry but the silver lining is it may mean smaller crowds at the attractions when we visit in June. We love Alaska and this will be our 9th visit to the State. This will be our 3rd time flying to Anchorage a
  8. We do that too Randy since we spend 5 months in Wisconsin and 7 months in Florida and I think it helps. But we do have a reliable neighbor in both locations check our mail occasionally while we are gone.
  9. It's sad but everyone has to do what they feel is best. We have many Canadian acquaintances here in FL but not seeing any of them this year. I'm still looking to see my first Canadian license plate where most years it's like 1 out of 10 plates is Canadian.
  10. We got ours in Florida today too. Our county only had 500 doses available so we felt fortunate. It was first come first served and many had to be turned away. Looking forward to the second Moderna dose on February 3rd.
  11. My son always orders Junior's Cheesecakes shipped to us for Christmas. They left New York frozen and arrived here in SW Florida still frozen. Glad they came via UPS and not USPS 🙂.
  12. That is huge news. Makes you wonder why you only hear about it on a forum.
  13. Thank you for posting. Yes, I love being a Florida resident. I do have the lifetime state park pass and the added veterans percentage to my homestead exemption.
  14. Same here. I have a car and a Harley in Wisconsin and a car and a Harley in Florida. All are in storage at the right time of year and all get a storage treatment of Seafoam. It is great stuff. Speaking of the right time of year, rain/snow in the Wisconsin forecast for this coming Monday. We fly to Florida on Sunday 🙂.
  15. I appreciate your prayers Todd. But I can handle a little bit of the white stuff if necessary. We do fly back to Wisconsin for the holidays to see the kids and grandkids. Glad you discovered Door County. That's where we will be next week. Peninsula State Park is our favorite. Been going there since I was a little boy and while facilities have improved over the years, the uncluttered openness remains the same. We have our favorite sites where if I tried to hit the RV in the next site with a baseball I would really have to wind up to do so.
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