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  1. We got ours in Florida today too. Our county only had 500 doses available so we felt fortunate. It was first come first served and many had to be turned away. Looking forward to the second Moderna dose on February 3rd.
  2. My son always orders Junior's Cheesecakes shipped to us for Christmas. They left New York frozen and arrived here in SW Florida still frozen. Glad they came via UPS and not USPS 🙂.
  3. That is huge news. Makes you wonder why you only hear about it on a forum.
  4. Thank you for posting. Yes, I love being a Florida resident. I do have the lifetime state park pass and the added veterans percentage to my homestead exemption.
  5. Same here. I have a car and a Harley in Wisconsin and a car and a Harley in Florida. All are in storage at the right time of year and all get a storage treatment of Seafoam. It is great stuff. Speaking of the right time of year, rain/snow in the Wisconsin forecast for this coming Monday. We fly to Florida on Sunday 🙂.
  6. I appreciate your prayers Todd. But I can handle a little bit of the white stuff if necessary. We do fly back to Wisconsin for the holidays to see the kids and grandkids. Glad you discovered Door County. That's where we will be next week. Peninsula State Park is our favorite. Been going there since I was a little boy and while facilities have improved over the years, the uncluttered openness remains the same. We have our favorite sites where if I tried to hit the RV in the next site with a baseball I would really have to wind up to do so.
  7. 47 right now in Wisconsin. We will tough it out until October 18th when we fly back to Florida for 7 months. Fall is normally a great time to be in Wisconsin. Looking forward to our annual fall camping trip next week with the forecast indicating highs in the low 70s and mostly sunny skies.
  8. Reminds me of the time back in 1985 when we took our 4 boys on a 3-week trip west in a rented class C. We climbed Pike's Peak with the RV since we had no other vehicle. My boys still talk about that.
  9. That was my thought too. We are in Wisconsin mid-May to mid-October and in Florida mid-October to mid-May. We will definitely go back to Florida in the fall. I feel we can take every precaution in Florida that we are taking in Wisconsin.
  10. I agree with what you said about taking advantage of the availability of test rides and deciding for yourself. And you're right about the zoom factor. My Wisconsin Harley is a Trike and my Florida Harley is a 2-wheeler. I love riding them both for different reasons but they are my reasons and they are right for me.
  11. I am in a somewhat unique situation too. At 72 I am still working full time at a job that is very fulfilling for me. The interesting thing I learned a few years ago is that if all of your pre-tax holdings (IRA, 401k, etc.) are in a 401k with the company you work full time for, you don't have to start RMDs until you leave the company. A couple years before turning age 70 I had pre-tax holdings in a few different areas and moved them all to my current employer's 401k. I don't need the additional income so I'm in no hurry to start RMDs.
  12. Awesome website. Very informative. Thank you Kirk.
  13. That is a valid concern. We are FL residents and live here mid-October to mid-May. We head back to Wisconsin mid-May to mid-October. We love both places during the times of the year we are there for many reasons. Avoiding hurricane season in FL is one of those reasons.
  14. If anything, this topic should prove that one size does not fit all. I am 70 and still working at a job that is way more fun than work. There is that old saying “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I didn’t start collecting Social Security until 70 because I didn’t need it and still don’t need it but there is no reason not to collect now. Actually, my Social Security will continue to grow since my 35-year Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME) is growing. What I’m doing works perfectly well for me but I would never suggest that anyone else should do
  15. Same with me Rich. I'm in Grand Marais, MN right now and will be crossing into Canada today. I would be surprised if they didn't ask the firearms question.
  16. Your post "nailed" it in my mind Scott. One size does not fit all. I'm retired military and 70 years old so health care isn't the issue it is for some. I waited until 70 to collect social security but I did collect spousal benefits at 66 which reduced the break even calculation. But the real key is I have one of those jobs that is way more fun than work. It's not that I don't do other fun things like ride motorcycles, fly airplanes, winter in FL etc. But I have no intention of giving up my job any time soon. I just ran a 10k this past weekend so I consider myself relatively fit and heal
  17. I would advise everyone to seek advice on this topic elsewhere.
  18. Awesome rig Gary and glad to see you "back in action."
  19. It will be our traditional Thanksgiving family get together at grandma's (our) house. Our 4 boys, their wives, 6 grandkids and 3 dogs will all be here for family fun. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
  20. Somewhere in I corps South Vietnam in 1967. Even though I retired from the Air Force, my first 4 years of service was in the Marine Corps.
  21. I sold my RV 12 months ago and I bought it just a few months before that so I'd say 15 months.
  22. New in the original packaging. Eternabond roof & leak repair tape. 4' x 50' roll. Light gray color. $37 includes free shipping in the continental US.
  23. One of the reasons I still work in a job that I love is it takes me to several Air Force bases each year. As an Air Force retiree, I love being back on base and the feeling that goes along with it.
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