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Does Deer Run Resort allow rv's to be washed? Chances are when we leave for the rally we will be pulling off of an oil rig site, and the house hasn't had a good bath in awhile. Of course, if I wash it on the way up there, it's going to rain the whole way, so I'd rather leave it until we got there.

Or do they have a local crew that washes rigs?

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I will ask Kim (Deer Run) if they have a place but they do not allow rig washing at the sites. Let me do some legwork and see if I can come up with an answer. Working this weekend so may be few days until I respond.

On edit. Just talked to Kim. She said to talk with her when you check in and she will work something out with you. The owner (Kim) and her staff have always been very accommodating to us.

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Ok, thanks! From having washed it down here on limited water supplies, I can actually do a decent job with 25-30 gallons of water. But I understand that if they let me wash mine, everyone else in the park is going to want to clean theirs.

Talk to Kim on check-in. She said she will work it out with you.

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From the Blue Beacon website:



TN Knoxville I-40/75, Exit 369 (Everett Rd) By Flying J 865-690-5228

TN Memphis South I-240, Exit 21 At Love's 901-360-1570


We splurged and had it done on our way back from Wyoming this Summer. They used some kind of super duty cleaner on the aluminum wheels. That really helped to set off the complete job and is worth the cost right there...IMHO.

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We had the truck washed at a Blue Beacon in Kansas on the way back from Michigan. Not to impressed with that one. It seems like whatever they sprayed as a pre-wash stripped all wax off, and some of the shine on the fiberglass areas. Little bit of buffing brought it all back and waxed everything to at least protect it.

I know they have the "RV" wash, but if someone messed up and sprayed the wrong cleaner, I'd be a little PO'ed.

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