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New wannabe FTimer WiFi Question


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My wife and I are in full force house evacuation/sale, hit-the-trail RVing mode and I've been struggling with the need for mobile WiFi. I understand that my cell phone carrier will allow certain purchasable amounts of data and that these are different from minutes. I also understand that cell phone data rates vary considerably from awful to so-so and that they typically fade as we move along the road, usually being worst at the more remote sites that we want to visit. I understand, too, that many RV sites now offer decent WiFi, which is a blessing, of course. However... I've asked why there is not a mobile WiFi for RVs? They've got it for trains and airplanes, so why not RVs? Is it just too expensive?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

John & Gail

Athens, GA

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First of all, welcome to the Escapee forums! We are honored that you have chosen to join us and we will do all we can to help.


Wifi is not the only internet access as there are some who gain access via satellite service and others via cellular data either using a phone for a Wifi hotspot or some with a receiver that plugs directly into the computer. There are RV parks which provide Wifi to the customers, some free and others with an extra charge.


Mobile Wifi on trains, airplanes and even on ships at sea is provided by the vehicle and it's owners. They have some means of gaining internet access, probably via satellite and they then have Wifi routers & antennas installed inside of the ship, train, or airplane. That is exactly the same thing that those of us who have satellite dish internet do for ourselves, but for a fee. You can do so but it won't be free and it really isn't on the public conveyances either as they build that cost into your ticket. It costs less per person because the cost is shared by those using the service, but the service isn't free. That same thing is true for RV parks as they also pay for the internet access which they provide to you and it is also at Mc Donald's, B Dalton, Lowe's or any of the dozens of other businesses that provide Wifi to their customers. There is no such thing as free Wifi, only that you do not have to pay for it directly in many cases.


Rereading your post makes me think of one other thing that you may not be aware of. Cellular phone service is also not yet available everywhere. There remain many more remote or isolated area of the country where there is no cellular phone service at all. There are also some areas where a combination of steep hills and trees prevent any reception of TV or satellite TV as well.

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We just traveled for 3 months from the Virginia, via the northern route(wandering) to end up in Phoenix. Most CGs supply wifi now., If you plan to camp in State, National, or COE campgrounds and really need the internet you will need to supply your own but since these are generally in remote places there may not be any(including no cell).


I personally have a pay-as-you-go hot spot. Some people use their cell phone plan but I also have a pay-as-you-go cell phone, These work well for me and are inexpensive. Each person has their own needs.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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