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Hair Spray Residue


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I use a hair spray type product before using the curling iron to help curl my very straight hair. It is a pump rather than aerosol and even though I try and spray it close to my head there is over spray. I didn't realize that right away until I noticed shiny spots on the wood panelling in the bathroom area. It drove me crazy and I tried just about every cleaner and even bought some at a swap meet that the guy said would remove it. It was a great cleaner for just about everything except removing the spray.

Since nothing I tried worked I asked 'Mr Google' for some suggestions and finally found something that would work. Rubbing Alcohol! There are different strengths and I went with the 91% solution. Put it on a micro cloth and use some elbow grease and most of it came off. There is the odd spot that I still have to work on. It did not damage the wood (which DH was concerned about) although it made it a little bit dull. Some wood polish fixed that. I would try it on an inconspicuous spot first though.

(I am now either spraying outside or leaning my head into the shower stall before I spray to help contain it better.)


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I have memories of my teen years and many a bad hair day. Thank goodness it didn't last forever and priorities change. I have been going to Great Clips the last couple of years as they seem to be everywhere we travel and they of course try to sell products. (Nothing ventured, nothing gained) I make a point of venturing out of my comfort zone periodically to avoid ruts; so some I have tried with success and some have not been so successful but great for a laugh. I switched to mousse and blow dry which work better for me than hair spray (DH was very happy I quit using hairspray in the RV) and have tried a couple of the sculpturing cream/gels which take some practice (so easy to use too much) so I don't look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket LOL. I am outdoors a lot and play several sports so usually wear a hat or visor which saves time on hair styling.


Hair is a very personal thing, what works for one may not work for another but never stop experimenting you never know what you will discover.


Something to think about is the damage the hairspray did to your wood paneling it may be doing to your body?


Hairspray: Why to avoid it? and some alternatives.



5 DIY Alternatives to Conventional Hair Sprays, Mousses, and Gels

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Geez, I hope you meant "Mousse" .............................



Hmmm... :( a mouse would REALLY be getting out of a comfort zone... don't know if I would go to that extreme to avoid being stuck in a rut? :D


Thanks for catching I edited my typo just in case someone would really try a "mouse".....

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Hair spray products are a blend of simple industrial polymers that provide structural support to hair. These frequently include copolymers of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and polyvinyl acetate (PV). This copolymer mixture is usually modified to achieve the desired physical properties (adhesive strength, foaming, etc.), using plasticizers such as aminomethyl propanol, surfactants such as benzalkonium chloride, and other agents like dimethicone.


These active ingredients make up only a small portion of a hairspray (aerosol can). The majority of a canister is filled with volatile solvents necessary to solubilize and aerosolize the copolymer mixture. These include simple alcohols like ethanol or tert-butanol to solubilize the active ingredients, and dimethyl ether or mixed hydrocarbons as propellants.


The copolymer mixture, solubilizing agents, and propellants are usually highly volatile and flammable (like most aerosols). For this reason, hair sprays have been classically used for combustion in potato cannons, and have been banned as carry-on items by most airport security agencies." From Wikipedia




So you put this on your head?

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Quote from my original post - It is a pump rather than aerosol ...

So no, I am not using an aerosol. It is a hair spray like product, actually a spray gel that I use AFTER I mousse my hair, then blow dry it. I then give my thick but fine, poker straight hair a shot of the spray gel/fixatif so it will take a curl. Trust me, I have poker straight hair! As a former hairdresser in my past life I have tried many products over the years and this is what works for me. I work hard to have a bit of body in my hair and it is not the spray-bombed look I am after or achieve. I even do use a wax or gel on the ends at times after all the above just for a different look. It sounds more complicated than it is. Start to finish, maybe 10 min. :)


I thought it might help someone that has a problem with lacquer spots on their panelling, floor or whatever and didn't know what would remove it.


Thanks for you suggestions and concern.


Hmmm.. I never have tried 'mouse' but think I'll stick with what I know works. :rolleyes:

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