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Cell phone signal amplifier


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You can't boost a signal and make a 3G one into 4G; they are completely different signals broadcast on different frequencies. Sometimes the 4G signal is too weak for a device to connect to and it will default to 3G; in those cases an amplified might enable it to connect with 4G. However, most of the time when you connect with 3G it's simply because there is no 4G signal and having an amplifier won't improve the situation. You don't say which carrier you are with but I know that Verizon has a very detailed coverage map which, when you expand it, provides a pretty accurate depiction of its 3G and 4G networks. I'm sure AT&T has something similar. The first thing I would do is check to see if you even have a 4G signal where you are; if you don't have it there's no point of buying an amplifier.

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Since you have an iPad, you can download the app Coverage? (disclosure: we wrote the app) which will show you what type of signal is supposed to be in the area (3G, 4G, etc.) for each carrier. We created the app to know what to expect when heading to a location. If you're supposed to be getting 4G in your area, a booster like the Wilson Sleek or Mobile 4G could help out. If there's not 4G in the area, then a booster won't help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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