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Shooting range near Hot Springs, SD

Kirk W

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We met some folks who are members of a gun club owning a shooting range not far from where we are currently campground hosts. In discussing possible use of their range they leaned that we are RV volunteers and the club has been seeking information about getting a volunteer position started for the club range. At this point they are mostly seeking information about what they need to do in order to attract RV folks to stay at their range. It is located just a few minutes northeast of Hot Springs and on a major highway. If you are at all interested in working for a site on a shooting range at some point in the future, the club secretary would love to hear from you. I will attach the information that he has shared with me.


Shooting Complex. We as a club partnered with the Wildlife Div. of the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department. They spent a considerable amount of money in the construction of the range and we provided labor and other facilities. The club wanted to monitor the range on the five public days (Wed. - Sun.) to lesson any misuse the of range. Mon. and Tues. are member only days. The range is open 9 a.m. - one hour before sunset every day.

As can be suspected, it is more difficult as time goes by to fill those five days a week when the range is open to anyone. (our first day was Oct. 25, 2013)

At this time we do not have power or water.

What we do offer is.

A beautiful setting

No congestion as in camp grounds (no other units would be present)

Opportunity to shoot every day.

Cover expenses for generator operation and dumping fees.


Kirk, you may pass on my e mail address and cell # 605 890 0181

The club web site is fallrivergunclub.org


Thank you very much. Hope to meet you soon.


Sec. Owen Meadows


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No power or water? I would also assume then no sewer?


Not having those 3 things will make it tough. That is usually a big part of the deal. Site, power, water, sewer in exchange for 20 or so hours of work per week.


Would you want to live without those three? Not many will.

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Calling them is a good idea, why would I think adding to the conversation would be of any use?

I'm not sure what you expect us to add? We can tell you about the Hot Springs area where we spent the summer, but I would point out that in the first post I stated that I posted the information for some folks that I met while there. I have no connection to the gun range at all although I have driven past the entry gate. I have never set foot inside of the gate nor am I a member of the gun club.


If you want more details about what I do know, here that is. Hot Springs is a fairly small town and the person who supplied the information which I know owns Dale's Restaurant and his name happens to be Dale! As I recall, Dale is the vice president of the gun club and he heard us talking with another host couple about our work for the state parks and that lead to him asking about the gun club being able to do that also. I gave Dale one of my business cards and he passed it to the club secretary Owen Meadows, who then called me to discuss what work-campers do and then emailed the information which I posted for the club. I have never met Mr. Meadows and only know one or two of the club members and that very casually from occasional contact last summer when we were campground hosts nearby. I posted the information because I thought that someone who reads the forums might be interested in the position, which it would seem that you are.


You now know everything that I know about the gun club and what they are seeking and offering. If you have other questions, ask away but I doubt that I'll know the answers, where I am sure that the listed contact will. :rolleyes:

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I was a volunteer at Custer State Park summer 2014 which is just up the road from this shooting range. I went there twice to shoot. One time I was the only one there and the second time there was only one other shooter besides myself. I don't think this is a very busy range and therefore noise shouldn't be an issue. There is no campground there just a dirt parking lot. There are many campgrounds in the area at a cost. Maybe the club would subsidize some of the cost? Just a thought. I will be back at CSP this summer and plan to visit this range again.

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I was a volunteer at Custer State Park summer 2014 which is just up the road from this shooting range.

Which campground were you located at? We were at Shep's Canyon are of Angostura SP. We also visited several times with a couple who were hosting at Blue Bell, and who are also on these forums.


If you are coming to Escapade, let me know and we will get together. :)

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Kirk I won't be able to make Escapade. I will be back up at CSP May thru Sept. I was in the employee campground called Volunteer Village last year. I may be in the other employee campground called Sun City next summer, not sure yet. I am not in any of the public campgrounds because I am not a Camp Ground host. If you go back up there next summer get in touch and we should meet.

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I will be back up at CSP May thru Sept.

We don't go the same place two times in a row and rarely return to any locations since there are so many new experiences to be had around the country. If you are anywhere in east TX let me know as we are at base until March 1.

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