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  1. The post office address is 2200 N ALTO DR HOBBS, NM 88240-9998 I don’t know who I spoke with. John Darwin
  2. Thanks remosndiris. I read your link and found it helpful. I guess I’ll be looking for a more friendly post office.
  3. Hello all. We’ve been FT since January and using Escapees’s mail service to forward to general delivery at the USPS office in the cities where we have lived. We’ve been in Eagle Nest NM for the past 4 months with no mail problems. We’re getting ready to move to Hobbs NM. I called the post office there and was told I had to complete a general delivery form AND it is only good for 30 days. I would then to purchase a PO Box. This is the first I’ve heard about this. We’ve had our mail sent to general delivery in 3 other cities without problems. Have others experienced this? Or is this a new Louis DeJoy thing?
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