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  1. Would you tell us who you use and the telephone # in Agodones? Thanks!
  2. What??????? Better explain this one.....we used 2 WS over 13 years. No problem with plumbing.
  3. Orca, I think you mean storing the WS for the winter. I couldn't find any info in the manual, so I called the manufacturer. I was instructed to leave the water in the unit and add 2 tablespoons of bleach to prevent bacteria while being stored. They assured me it would hurt the resin. Obviously don't let the WS hard freeze.
  4. You may want to revisit the chickens at Costco and Sams. Seems recently they have maybe listened to the public and backed off the sodium content in their seasoning. It's very noticeable when you taste them. Even Walmart seems to backed off on theirs too. We always take off the skin to boot. Just sayin' Doc, according to stuff you read on this subject on the internet 🙄, Costco and Sams sell the chicken and hot dog as a lost leader. Lure someone in the store for these cheap items and let nature care of the rest. Trust me they win in the end! Wonder what the average receipt total is at these stores? Marketing at it's finest!
  5. Am I missing something here. My local Walmart photo shop did it while I waited. IIRC it was $6.95....a lot less than my local Walgreens, CVS, etc. charge. And you get a bonus if you're a people watcher, some interesting folks seen while strolling throw Walmart! 😉
  6. Clay, one time we stayed for 6 weeks in the Ft. Collins, CO area.......I couldn't believe the water out of the tap was about 10 grain. We stayed there for 6 weeks and only did regen 1 time, unbelievable!!!! Don't find that often. I think Yuma has the hardest water in the US. about 70 grain IIRC. Our Travelsoft used solar salt (highly refined rocksalt).
  7. We used a Travelsoft for 13 years. Worked great. Sold it when we came off the road. I couldn't make the "on the go" to work more than a couple of days without a regen. They gave me my money back though. Frakco Travelsoft
  8. Expanded pic. Clearly crud/watery acid coming from nylon drain plug - Atwood water heater. Looks nasty, but something was probably ingested into the water heater. I doubt an issue, and could probably be fixed with a good flush, but I would negotiate the price of a fresh WH if it were me. They's expensive. 😨 Just sayin'.
  9. Thinking about this hobby....where did you get it and how much? Just curious. Any comments of how you researched it? Thanks.
  10. In our 13 years of FTing we came on to tornado warnings about 3 times. We took them seriously and paid attention with the weather radio and the park managers. We were amazed of how few RVers in the parks take it seriously. Once near the shore line of the Outter Banks of NC we had 2 tornadoes touch down withing 5 miles of the rural park. We got our safety box, computers, and overnight bags and went to the "shelter" to meet with the managers/owners. There were maybe 4 other couples that joined us and we watched the TV news for the latest on the storm. I was amazed that so many just stayed in their rigs. All was well and we went back in about an hour. We were in South TX once with a major hail storm near San Antonio in the spring. Holy crap, I thought the stuff was gonna come in the slide roofs, but it didn't. There were 65 MPH gusts of wind which we got close to leave the rig.....but all was well there too. End of reminishing.
  11. I was talking about the kit from Amazon that they was discussed earlier. Preventive to lower hinge failure. Again don't carry heavy items in the door when traveling. Norcold still denies they have a "known product concern". Sad. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!!!
  12. Linda, age old issue on Norcold doors since 2006. They used to be metal hinges which worked well. Anyhow, I must add the retrofit kit is for a good hinge as a reinforcement not to repair a broken hinge. Also, even with the reinforced door I suggest taking all heavier items out of the door and put them on the refer shelf when traveling. The door when loaded with heavy stuff on rough roads plays havoc on the hinges. Just sayin'.
  13. I couldn't get the pic I had to post, but ours was 2 - 2 lbs. weights with a strap between them (denim I got from WM for $.50). Sewed the 3 " wide strap around the weights in the area where the hands hold the weights. Hung it over the top of the sewer elbow. Easy to transport. We used it for 13 years of FT living. I had to replace the denim once due to age.
  14. mpt....you are gnat-ass on the money. I agree 100%. I'll add that having the sun shining on the tires when cold prior to driving sometimes with add a pound or 2 to the reading. No big deal, just need to be aware of it. Going up in altitude raises tire pressure too. If you going up for a day or two no big deal, to stay up for awhile adjust the pressure down. And don't forget that bicycle on the back. Those tires don't have much volume and the pressure goes up real quick when going up in altitude. And what about that air massage??? OK, I'll quit know. You got the point!
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