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  1. Right and if it got really cold maybe the cold protection on the batteries kicked in and shut them down? So many possibilities.
  2. Yes with the system he is describing I would be surprised if he doesn't have that but, if not, he definitely should. Then he would know the exact amp hour situation on the Battleborns. The more I think about this the more I suspect bad settings on the Magnum and then the BMSs on the Battleborns shutting down which then shut down the 12 volt system which in turn shut down the Magnum. I think the Battleborns may have been doing much more than working that single night. The Magnum needs to see batteries. I suspect the washer-dryer issue is a red herring and due to a misunderstanding. We all know
  3. Right and if you ran it in gas it would only be the fan electric and your fridge? But 600 amps is a LOT. At least they are protected by their BMS but I wonder if one or more of them has shut down?
  4. I am also curious how 6 Battleborns ran down overnight. That is 600 amps. Have you checked the voltage on them? Do you have a separate charger or were you able to get the Magnum Charger to work?
  5. Yes, is this an outdoor or indoor progressive? Next stop would probably the transfer switch (if you have generator or are generator ready) a frequent source of problems, and then to the main ac panel. All the wires in your ac panel need to be confirmed as tight. I also am still really stumped on the washer dryer. Do you know the location of the washer dryer breaker in the subpanel?
  6. I am thinking they have something miswired and the Magnum is shutting down to protect itself. It could be the Magnum but they are tanks.
  7. I once had a floating neutral those here called it. The problem was intermittent. Turned out there was a shorting taking place in my electric cord reel which would show up some times and not others. Obviously something should not run that is not intended to be in the circuit. The 3012 hybrid qualifies electricity before it lets it through. That is what is happening during the delay before you plug to shore power and it kicks on. If it sees something it doesn’t like it will not allow the charger to operate and it will not pass through current. So yes the 3012 could have a problem in doing chec
  8. Yes. I agree with John on all of the above. I came out on the other side of whether to increase solar panel to 48 v but I could be very easily convinced to go that direction depending on my roof layout and if I frequented parts of the country were partial shading was more of an issue. (I bypassed the factory prewire and ran 2 awg wire from my roof to controller or I am sure I would be in a 48 volt configuration I asked about your inverter/charger because I consider that an extremely i,important component. Maybe more important than the batteries. To really see the benefit, power and flexibilit
  9. Yes, that will work. You run the voltage from the panels to the mppt charge controller and then 12 volt out to the 12 volts system of the motorhome and to charge the batteries. I assume you also have an inverter that runs off 12 volt. The size if the charge controller will not be maxed out because the rating is based on the output amps which for 12 volt will be twice has high as if it was running a 24 volt. If you switched to a 24 volt battery though that would require you to also have a 24 volt inverter and a downconverter to change the 24 volt to 12 volts to run your 12 volt system.
  10. Hmmm My notifications got messed up I guess. I did not see these. RPsinc what is your source for these hoses. I like your idea.
  11. Right if you go with something like that the problem becomes much more manageable and that would be a great solution. The living space desired really drives the answer.
  12. If you are starting from the "ground up" as you say I would, obviously, buy a van with a good air conditioner system. One of the problems is that RV AC are not that great. If you are getting just a small unit, then a single or double AC unit may be fine, but in a larger unit you will need at the very least a double unit and that puts a big draw on the electric. If we knew some of the specifics like the size you were thinking of and the items Kirk asked about we could give you better advice. Many of us are either adding or changing our our typical RV AC units as they are much more efficient.
  13. There were already airgaps toward the back of the compartment where the legs go through and for right now I am just leaving the front compartment door open all the time. Runs efficiently. For when we hit the road my primary plan is to install an approximately 20" x 20" inch aluminum register/grate into the front cabinet door that I can close to prevent airflow while moving. If I lose efficiency my additional plan is to cut into the cabinet floor and possibly also adjacent to the grate/register on the cabinet front and installl duct or booster fans to enhance the airflow. If I need those I w
  14. I came really really close to using randy's location. Honestly I was still going back and forth until the day I began installation. My wife has a standup desk at the back of the fifth wheel and I decided that putting the IDU there would just be too cold for her. I ended up putting it above our entrance door and then running the line along the outside to our front generator space which locates the outdoor unit.
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