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  1. Hi all, We are now full time in our van. We are in Vermont and planning some slow travel down the East Coast. We hate to miss some stops at the larger cities just because we have a large difficult to park vehicle. In particular we are thinking about stops at Boston and New York City. I'm wondering about different ways to handle these cities. Two options come to mind. 1) Find a place to park the van - maybe airport parking? And get a hotel in the area of the city we will be spending most of our time. 2) Get a hotel as close in that has parking for the van plus has public transportation available. This seems like the most cost effective option but I can't think of an easy way to find a hotel like this. Are these decent strategies - any other thoughts? In a few cities in the south we found campgrounds that were close enough in to the city. The KOA in San Antonio was particularly nice. Thanks. Vicki
  2. Bekent5090, I found this old thread. Are you still using this program. We were considering multiple memberships but this might solve the problem. The website does not make it look like it's hard to switch. If still using any other pros/cons. Vicki
  3. Thanks Everyone for the great responses. We did two nights in Flagstaff and two in Santa Fe. We are at a hotel in Sweetwater before stopping in San Antonio tomorrow. We booked KOAs which has been a good start for us. The van is overstuffed with some items that will go in storage. Unfortunately we picked a bad moving company and now have no idea when our items will be shipped to San Antonio. We we will stop for a few days to visit family and then yes. We will finally make it to Livingston. Is the Escapees park tolerable in September without AC? After Livingston we plan to head to the East Coast for a fall color tours. Again we have none of that planned. Any tips are appreciated. We will go as far north as we can stand the cold. Thanks again for the replies. It's been a bumpy start, but we can smooth it out. Vicki
  4. Hi all, The movers picked up what goes in storage and it will be delivered the following Saturday in San Antonio. We've been so busy we haven't planned our driving trip to San Antonio. For Christmas we went from So Cal to Texas stopping in Tucson, Las Cruces (White Sands.) On the way back we stopped at Carlsbad and Tucson again. We have seven days. We do need strong internet access on Wednesday and we would like to beat the heat a little. Any ideas on a route? We like hiking and outdoorsy stuff. Open to anything that's interesting. Thanks. Vicki P.S. It occurs to me that road trip resources might be helpful. We generally have a destination or theme in mind and plan around that. Once we are in Texas we will be taking care of van registration and drivers licenses - setting up domicile.
  5. Thanks everyone. I think I was stuck on everything being in the same county. We will set our address up Escapees. But will establish doctors in Bexar County. I'm still choking on the downsizing. Not wrapping my head around getting rid of everything. Vic
  6. Hi all, We will be putting everything in storage and domiciling in Texas. We will be using the Escapees mail service. But do not want to use them as a physical address because we have family in Texas and want to establish doctor relationships in Bexar County. I'm still unclear about the order of events. We will use one of two family members for a physical address. Two questions. 1) What proof do we need to have that as our physical address? We wouldn't have bills or establish any kind of service at their house. 2) We will want to be clear with them about what we asking. Is there any downside for a family member when you use their address as your physical address? 3) I'm still unclear. Do we register the van first or get our drivers license first? I'm sure this question has been asked before. It seems like a slight spin on the class Texas domicile. Thanks. Vic
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