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  1. An update to my original post about the Tmo Home Internet - It suddenly slowed down to unusable speeds. I don't know if they shut me down for using it in multiple locations or some other reason. According to the Tmo website, there is an updated modem/hotspot, but they never got around to sending me one even though I made several requests. I finally canceled the service and got the 100 meg for 50 bucks hotspot. Works like a champ, albeit limited to 100 meg/mo. Let us know how the Tmo home internet works out for you. Great concept, but it laid down on me. Hope you have better luck.
  2. I had the same concerns, but by moving the batteries from the front compartment to under the steps in the basement, I actually gained considerable space that wasn't previously being used. Much more convenient for wiring, too. Besides gaining the space in the front compartment, I also reconfigured the basement wall. We moved into our fiver during the Texas freeze so the basement stayed nice and warm, but I also put cutoff switches on each battery so I can positively shutdown everything if needbe. It was probably overkill to also install a small cube heater on a thermostat switch in the basement as I hope that was a once in a lifetime storm for Texas.
  3. Except for the solar, I put a similar setup in my fiver and I couldn't be happier. FWIW, I bought most of my stuff from https://theinverterstore.com/ and went with AIMS batteries. Same specs and size as the BB and much better price and warrantee. I'm going on 3 years with them and no problems at all. When you call, ask if they have any promos and they'll knock off a few bucks. Go lithium and you'll never go back to LA.
  4. Oops, $65,500 is book. Also, it is a SRW and a very good match for the 337.
  5. SOLD 2018 Reflection 337RLS Fifth Wheel - For Sale - Texas
  6. No experience with the Onan, but after looking at the specs and design it doesn't look much different than any of the other inverter gennies in the 2000 to 2500 watt range. I have a pair of Ryobi's with nearly identical specs and I love them. Easy on fuel and I can easily toss one in the basement or back of the truck without doing myself an injury. Note that the Onan is rated at 2500 watts, but if you dig a bit you find the run power is 2200 watts and, unless Onan knows some magic, that's rather optimistic for 98 cc's. Bottom line, IMHO, is buy the brand that you can get service and parts for because you'll probably be replacing the carb until you learn to remember to run the thing every week or so. I finally got tired of that and converted mine to run on LP, which is very convenient. I didn't see a price at that link. Do you know what the street price is?
  7. I don't know how the Nighthawk would handle all that, but I did something similar with a VZN hotspot that kept eating the battery. Seemed like a fine line between the hotspot battery going dead and overcharging. I do leave the Tmo Home Internet hotspot plugged in all the time and haven't had any problems with it. I have a Nest camera in the RV that stays on all the time so I can watch Fang, the world's worst watchdog. I have the camera set to cover the entrance door, kitchen and living room which has a large thermometer on the wall. The Nest system will alert me via text if it sees a person or hears a dog barking. (Of course, Fang is more likely to lick a stranger than bark at them.)
  8. Here's a link from the Grand Design forum about a new plan that is essentially a reseller for the Tmobile Home Internet plan. https://gdrv4life.granddesignrv.com/tips-tricks/finally-unrestricted-internet-access-rvers Overlook some of the technical stuff in this article, the author seems a little technically challenged as to how it works, but they are correct about the plan details. This $99/mo plan sounds the same as what Tmobile is selling direct for $50/mo. We've been using it for nearly a year and have been very impressed - great range and coverage, no data limit or throttling and speeds usually running 70 to 100 meg. I can't vouch for the coverage as we haven't been traveling much in these crazy times, but the coverage map looks good and we haven't found any dead spots in south Texas. Tmobile doesn't seem to be promoting the plan - probably waiting for their system to be built out - and availability is limited. While it appears to be designed for use at a fixed location, but our experience is that it works well on the road. It may or may not work for you, but for $50/mo and no contract its worth a try unless you have something better and cheaper.
  9. PPL is exactly who I was thinking of, but wasn't going to mention because I didn't know the OP's location. We sold our last fiver through them and was very impressed by their business model. You can get a lemon anywhere, but PPL is very low key, no pressure and I thought their pricing model was very fair to all parties. Certainly a good place to look to see what an RV should sell for.
  10. As an alternative to shopping at a new RV dealer, may I suggest looking for a consignment lot. We used one to sell our prior RV and I was quite impressed. They told us what "book" was (I was shocked), suggested pricing, and took care of all the marketing and sales work. They sent all offers to us and we could accept or reject. Someone got a heck of a good deal and we were happy to not have to deal with selling it. Most consignment lots have extensive web pages if you do a little googling. At the least you'll get an idea how much RV your money will buy. Also, look at RVtrader.com. Good luck.
  11. Trying to keep up with what each carrier defines as 5G and what devices use what bands makes me crazy. But one thing that Tmo is doing with Band 71 is what they are calling "Home Internet." For fifty bucks a month they provide *real* unlimited data (we usually run well over 100 meg/mo with no throttling). Speedtest.net consistently runs better than 70 meg, often over 100 meg. The hotspot device is a little larger than most - paperback book size - and has both 2.5 & 5 mhz wifi and an ethernet connection if you want to add a router. To really ice the cake, Band 71 has significantly greater range. They only offer this service to select areas, apparently home addresses where the service is available, but the thing travels well even if not designed for RV use. Just one more tool in the toolbox.
  12. Do you have a chance? Absolutely. I had no idea that I had any hearing loss, but I was at the DAV filing a request for compensation for other disability and the VSO kind of winked and asked if I also had hearing loss. I figured why not so it was included. I was kind of surprised when the examiner said I did have a hearing loss. As it turned out, all my disabilities totaled more than 400% - or 100% using VA math - but it is important to get in to the VA healthcare system as soon as possible so I would encourage all vets to apply even if the problem isn't yet a huge problem. One other thing - the VA always seems to get a bad rap, but other than dealing with the bureaucracy, I can't complain about the VA. My application for compensation was approved in six months and I've gotten excellent care.
  13. Sorry if I wasn't clear, that's exactly what I did. Both the F250 and F350 have leaf springs and only the spacer block between the spring and the axle needs to be changed. Lowering the rear end that 1.5 inches made all the difference for my setup. The RV is level and I have plenty of bed rail clearance. Why the truck manufacturers decided to make their bed rails taller, I'll never understand.
  14. I changed the rear axle blocks on my '17 F350 to those from an F250. That lowered the rear end to roughly level (unloaded). That 1.5 inch change allowed me to raise my AUH to the highest setting - giving me 7+ inches of bed rail clearance - without increasing the overall height of the fiver. I don't know if other brands can be lowered as simply.
  15. When the VA examined me, I connected my hearing loss/tinnitus to a CH47 flight I hitchhiked on. No earplugs or headset and I couldn't hear and was off balance for three days. I'm sure subsequent exposure to firearms, explosions and aircraft engines probably contributed, but the VA doc seemed to like tying the onset to a particular event. This was forty years after I left the service and I hadn't noticed the subtle progression of the symptoms, but they don't get better with time. I also learned that my hearing loss wasn't a conventional "can't hear" kind of thing, it was a difficulty in understanding certain words. Here's a tip for when you take the hearing test and they want you to repeat words. Don't guess at the word if you're not sure, as a guess - right or wrong - counts as a right answer.
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