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  1. You get 500 mb. with the device. That is not enough to do anything. Totally useless. They are from Lithuania !
  2. I am expecting that soon the monthly bill will be over $200.00
  3. Bobbyb

    Spice Holder

    Most bulk bins have been removed due to covid.
  4. Who could possibly use this outdated technology? Maybe domeone with a 24 inch.100 lb. Tube tv. Am I missing something ?
  5. Winnie probably dropped Lippert slides as they had so much trouble. I forget the name of the system but it is something like shcwintek?? Lippert has become the largest supplier to the RV industry. But almost everything they make is cheaply made. They have bought out mfrs. of various components and then cheapened the product. I think Lippert means junk in Swahili!!!
  6. Direct will still be around for awhile. Right now they have sales crews in Walmart , Costco and were aggressively selling in the Big Tent at Q. As much as I respect DocJ's knowledge I think he pushes streaming too much. It works for him but not every one is in the same boat. For instance: The many Canadian RV'rs who wish to stream cannot do that with Canadian cell carriers that are still in the dark ages. Many plans have as little as 8G of data while in the USA. AT&T will not sell to Canadians even if they have a USA address.Something to do with credit checks I am not sure if you can st
  7. AT& T has discontinued that plan. Net buddy was just charging you a bunch of $$ for something you could get for $35.00 a month.
  8. Just a few years ago one could find a spot in many areas for around $35.00. Now the norm is over $50.00. Worse yet it is getting harder to just pull in without a reservation.
  9. Bring your vw bus and i will buy it. Have you looked at PPL consignment. They have lots of units.
  10. Bobbyb

    5 Can Soup

    I used the original recipe but no chicken. Instead I used a can of Chili no beans. Very tasty. How come there are rarely any recipes posted? Don't Escapees like to cook? Or maybe they just stopped sharing? There was a gal that came on here all the time with recipes.
  11. Sorry but your album would not open on my phone. It states the name of the album and that there is 81 pictures. But the photos do not open.
  12. RV4g is quite expensive.. They are selling the same plan that is on Ebay for $25.00 a month. $87.00 for a sim card is also a lot.
  13. Those with smaller absorption fridges rarely have serious problems. It is the large Norcold 1200 series that is bad. AS for extended warranties on a residential fridge: Some retailers will sell you an extended warranty that will be valid. We have had a factory installed Jenn Air side by side in our Dynasty for 10 years. I would never go back to a propane fridge. But one must be made aware that today's residential fridges are not like your mother's fridge. They usually do not last 10 years. repairmen will tell you that the average life span is maybe 7 years. They also will tell you that most o
  14. Very tastefull. Nicely done. Is that a water heater above the toilet? That certainly does not meet any codes for an RV!
  15. Kirk's LED shop lights are no more efficient than a T8 4 ft. flourescent. I am surprised as usually the LED is far more efficient.
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