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  1. frankgibbons

    5 Can Soup

    Sounds very easy recipe. I will give it a try.
  2. I like to eat directly. 1 teaspoon honey everyday. The high-quality honey contains many important antioxidants. These include organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. Antioxidants have been linked to reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes and some types of cancer. They may also promote eye health.
  3. I'm using On The Go OTG4-DBL soft portable 16,000 grain RV water softener. I just love it. Bought this for our winter stay in an RV Park in Florida. The water here is very hard so thought this would be worth a try. Well,, installed it and what a difference. Our water hardness was 180 and is still at zero (0) after three weeks of use. There are the two of us in our motor home where we shower, do dishes and use as much water as we want to and the soap, shampoo and dish detergent lathers up like crazy! So very happy with this purchase. The advert said it should be around 40 days before there is a need to regenerate and this one is well on to that time frame before needing to do it.
  4. I also got a pair of shower portable cup holder. Got this for the wife. It's solid. I've bonked my head on it, shoulder rushed it, donkey punched and tea bagged this thing and it will NOT fall off our glass shower door. ❤️
  5. Keep your spices tightly covered and store them in a cool, dry place. Whole spices stay fresh for up to 2 years while ground spices have a 6-month shelf life. Store red spices, such as paprika and red pepper, in the refrigerator. They will hold their color and keep their flavor longer.
  6. I have got something similar with the Amazon.
  7. I've been using the Camco 25ft cold weather heated drinking water hose. Bought this to water my horses in the Wisconsin winter. It was -10F last night with -35 wind chill and the hose worked with no problem. It melts the snow around it, and sinks to the ground. The hose has to cross a gravel drive so I do have to occasionally move it so it does not get run over and it is easy to move as well, not a frozen hunk of plastic as the hose it replaced was. I am also able to keep it connected to the frost proof hydrant, previously I was removing the hose to prevent freezing.
  8. Fabric Softener Sheets – Spread dryer sheets all over the RV when it's in storage to keep mice away. Then when you take it out put the sheets in a plastic bag and use them for laundry. Irish Spring Soap – Same idea as the dry sheets. Supposedly mice hate the smell.
  9. All of the recipes are looks easy to prepare and perfect for camping. Nice write up.
  10. Actually I was pointing out the Microsoft mobile market. Not the computer popularity. Because Microsoft has a strong hold in the computer market because of their worldwide popular software Microsoft windows.
  11. I've been using a LE LED rope light. It works perfectly and looks great outdoors under the eaves of the patio overhang. We can sit in the family room and easily see the lights. It's even better sitting outdoors because the rope is long enough to reach across the entire section that faces us with enough to wrap around the sides.
  12. Hi Phil, You've made a nice blog. If you give full attention to your blog contents and proper marketing of the contents to the places. I'm sure you will be able to earn financial support that will be more than enough for full time RVing. Good luck.
  13. Really like this guy speaks about the shower head issue. Water is dripping from shower head or tub spout when the control (handles) is tightly shut off. I've this same issue tried to fix by my own but after 4th failed attempt, I stopped. I decided to change the complete shower head system. And bought a Camco shower head extension. I purchased only the shower head and it was a simple swap out with the head I was using before. After the installation I switched on the cold water and held the shower head over the shower drain to see how the on/off switch worked and it worked fine. Note: This shower head have a on/off switch. The water was immediately cut off and since the small amount of water that remained in the head past the cutoff switch drained and dripped out, there was no more water flow. So, I think you can take a look at this RV shower head.
  14. You should go with Magnum. I run my home and shop all with my magnum inverter. Like this guy video, shared nice information regarding Magnum inverter.
  15. Not sure which brand that bike rack is. Here you can look at Swagman RV approved 4 bike carrying rack. While on vacation camping at the beach, my family purchased 3 bicycles and wasn't sure how we were going to transport them home. At that time I bought this rack. This rack is durable, sturdy and dependable.
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