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  1. Thank you so much. I finally did just Google it and found some good ideas, also went to the links suggested and now I,m on my way to easy, simple cooking. Thanks again. Cheryl
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. Where do I find these recipes?
  3. Hi, does anyone know of a book or have any ideas for very simple, very few ingredients for making meals in Dutch ovens or cast iron cookware? I cook mainly over open fire and I have several (6) cookbooks just for this type cooking but they all ask for way too many ingredients. We don't pack a whole lot of spices. Our little travel trailer is just right for us but lots of extras is not a good idea. I'd sure like some good ideas for meals that don't take 12 or more things to prepare them. Thanks!
  4. I'm beginning to understand and learning a lot, thanks! One more question...will matter what altitude we are at? Probably be 10,000 or higher. Sometimes near Vail or Breckenridge
  5. Thanks avvidclif, I understood about 20% of all that but bottom line I did figure out. I'm just wondering if it is a good idea to get something that is capable of hooking to another, just in case of overload or perhaps another TT that is bigger? I doubt we will switch trailers, this one is small but does what we want plus you can park it anywhere. Even with two large dogs it is livable, if you watch your step! This is a big adjustiment for us , we had a big 5th wheel Alumascape that we pulled with Peterbuilt semi and it was near impossible to find a place to park the darn thin
  6. I looked up the Easy Start thing.....what size would I need [if I need one?] I forgot there is also a small refrig/freezer.
  7. That sounds good, can I ask what you mean by 2kW set? Remember I am really dumb here. So you think just a 2000 or 2400 gen will be OK for the small TT? Is your gen propane or gas?
  8. Thanks for the replies!! Never thought that there was so much to know about generators. It seems the inverter /gen is the way to go, if I can afford it Quiet is important. But so is price. Wish there was just one answer. The a/c unit will probably be the thing using the most power. And a microwave, possibly the TV. That's about all I can think of. I'll go do some more homework on all this and keep checking back incase somone here has any more input. Thanks very much for your help. Cheryl
  9. That sounds like good advice. We never have used a generator, mostly staying where we can plug in, but now heading to a place in Colorado that we have no place to hook anything up. It might be a month from now but I'm sure it will require air cond and also heat at night. Can you tell me what the difference is in a inverter generator, and a generator?? Of course the little TT has an inverter built in.... does it matter what amp the trailer is??? It's 30 amp Also what is best fuel for generator? Or dual? Lots of questions I know but I need armed with some knowledge before I
  10. Hello, I hope this is in correct place to ask this. I have a very small travel trailer, cheap little Sportsman, and it has a 8,000 BTU air conditioner. What size generator do I need to run this little 14 ft trailer in the woods and forests? Do you know of the quietest one and do you know is there specifications on safety concerns in Nat'l parks etc? The generator will probably stay in the bed of truck [I think] Thank you for your time and any info. Snort
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