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  1. Thanks for your input. We are mid conversion to an RV (we do not have CDL's) and wondering what folks find that works. Just 2 dogs will be with us unless the grandkiddos join us for summer trips.
  2. Well we finally found a suitable rig. A 2016 Cascadia Evo. It is a bit barebones. We are adding an AC/DC fridge, microwave and portapotty to complete our RV conversion for SD licensing. I'd love to see some photos of how you have done this. I have bunks and driver side cabinets, but only a bottom cabinet on the passenger side. We are having the fridge wired directly to the batteries, since there are no cabinets for the microwave, we will be mounting it above the fridge. The fridge has the standard mounting brackets above and below. Thinking of mounting a nice finished piece of wood onto the upper bracket. Thanks for your input, after this the bed build begins...
  3. Thanks Rod, The only way for me to know if something is a good fit for us is to put it out there. I was thinking completely the other direction as you, but of someone who will not be using their rig any longer rather than replacing it. Thanks for the perspective. Karen
  4. Yes, nothing there for some time...That's why I decided to post this request. I thought maybe someone thinking about it might be persuaded.
  5. Show me what you have for sale please! Hoping to find something already converted to RV for sale out west. Must be automatic, (I don't want to learn to shift anything bigger than my old toyota was). Finding lots of HDT, but the conversion process is not in our current timeline. Would like to be in the $45K neighborhood. Thanks! We are looking to buy in the next week or two.
  6. We noticed the same thing! Went to Lone Ranch and there were 2 RV's in the parking area for the beach. No signs for no overnight parking, or no camping, so apparently it is ok. I was staying in a campground, so I've not actually tried it...but I do want to follow this thread for any who speak up who have overnighted successfully.
  7. Just joined this forum, and came across your post. Have you sold the entire set up? We're in NorCal, and searching for our upgrade to go FT. Pray that your health is holding in God's hands... K and M
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