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  1. That’s exactly what I want to avoid! You’re a brave soul!
  2. Exactly! a 3” lift is in the near future!
  3. LEO doesn’t like that in CA. However, you did initiate an idea. I wonder about using a rubber expanding plug found at any hardware store....
  4. Thanks for your comments, raising the trailer is the next project on the list.
  5. Our trailer fitting is quite low and have on numerous occaisions lost or found the cap loose. This is caused by the cap rubbing the ground while traversing a dip or high spot. When the cap contacts the ground, the forward motion of the trailer unscrews it. If the locking fingers were reversed so that you turn the cap counterclockwise to lock it on, the problem would be solved. Has anyone seen such an animal? Am I the only one experiencing this issue?
  6. 2X what previous poster said. We are on our last night out before arriving home tomorrow. We went east on 50 and 2+ months later are returning on 50. Just LOVE driving this road. We are spending the night in Fallon, Nv at the Fairgrounds ($15) elect + water. They do have a dump station ($5) as well.
  7. Yes! Afraid to say more.😁
  8. Curt, many thanks for your response, I will call them Monday. chuck
  9. CDR, i just bought my HDT, a 2000 Century Class and have been looking for a source of parts info. Since the DTNA has been taken off line, is there anything to replace it or any alternatives?
  10. I just got a letter today from State Farm saying they won't insure my Peterbilt 379. Good thing it's Friday and cocktail hour!!!
  11. And California! I talked with DMV in Sacramento this week and was told I would have to register the truck commercially, have a class A commercial license to drive it and stop at all weigh stations! That certainly threw a wet blanket all over my plans.
  12. Is the truck still available? Thanks, Chuck
  13. Is the truck still available? In Texas? Thanks, Chuck
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