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  1. What does it take to join Facebook anonymously? A burner phone from Walmart and a junk email address? It seems like FB is prone to malicious activity. . .
  2. There are very few. I've met one couple from England who landed in the US, bought a TC and had been on the road full time for eight years. Our experience has led us cross country and back for a few months - faster than mail can catch up. The problem with towing is that you lose a lot of the flexibility of a truck camper. Like when a guy in front of you at a gas station leaves his vehicle and runs across the street to order not-so-fast-food. Or a dead end dirt road on a dark and cold night. It happens. Laundromats - always an adventure. Prescription forwarding - another concern. We tow a Jeep which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. The TC is so much enjoyable to drive without the tow - but the toad permits a greater range of opportunities. Try it for a while, there are other choices.
  3. I always fill my tractor fuel tank to the top before heading south for six months. Been doing this to eliminate space in the tank which would contain air and moisture. I've had the tractor for twenty years - nine years of which it's abandoned during winter. No additives ever and no problems so far. .
  4. Same thing happens in Quartzite during January when thousands of RV'ers wake up and get on the internet - Verizon simply does not have enough bandwidth to accommodate that much traffic.
  5. I sold a truck for $19,000. - Met the buyer at his bank, we went to the teller window and explained what we were doing - which was to exchange title for a bank check. The buyer ordered a bank check (we waited at the counter) and I signed and gave him the title when the teller gave me the check.
  6. Yes. Even more as heart muscle damage is believed to occur. Source: https://www.statnews.com/2020/09/04/carnage-in-lab-dish-shows-how-coronavirus-may-damage-heart/?fbclid=IwAR2NFqFGN6SXV4U7Xput3BOjt7TxaLLyACbTzWl_9ojsVp41YNcfurEwYUI And the article was sourced from: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.08.25.265561v1
  7. Wow - this starts our 9th year of migration - it seems like only a year or two ago that we started. . . Our situation will probably prohibit us from ever full-timing due to a recent health crisis (stage 4 lung cancer, metastasized). Local docs say that we can get treatment transferred to AZ So, we plan to head back to the Phoenix area mid-to-late-October. For me, winter life in the Pacific Northwest is too gray with minimum sunlight. Even in Arizona we get grumpy after two days of winter gray! I still have some new N95 masks, we've always carried small hand sanitizers and used Clorox wipes on airplane trays, buckles,etc long before Covid. We've been "germ conscious" for a very long time and even more so now. We can travel safe. The vaccine. . . A retired physician friend, when asked, said he would NOT take the vaccine when it first comes out unless it has approval of Dr. Fauci - he repeated that Fauci is his standard. I trust my friends wisdom on that topic. On pacemakers. . . They are the best thing to ever happen to cardiac patients. . . If needed, I would not hesitate to get one.
  8. If you can, go to Quartzite this January for the RV event - there are hundreds, maybe thousands of RV's to look at. Many models both used and new. We looked for five years before we found one floor plan that we really liked - lots that we didn't. Also, we learned that the Class A has more "payload" than the C's. Meaning that you can carry more personal stuff and gear without overloading the vehicle. The floor plan is everything. Find one that you really like and can live with. Our final preference is the Winnebago "Sightseer" for floor plan and size. (we haven't bought it yet 'cause we're still too off the beaten track with our travels) Good luck with your search. . .
  9. We travel with a TC - but not full time. Last year spent a few months on the road on an east coast trip. It's quite livable since we use it for showers and sleeping mostly. Cooking too, but outdoors if at all possible. Fresh and gray water limit our boondocking to about 5 days. 400 watts solar does a good job of topping off the batteries. We tow the Jeep and use it for carrying about 500 lbs of goods plus bikes. We'll mosey our way south to Arizona sometime in October but have no required time to arrive. Current health demands really put the damper on what we'd like to do.
  10. Is it too late to return the Note? Both our Moto G4 and G8 phones allow us to turn on the hotspot at no charge. And I twice asked the sales person at the Costco kiosk about upgrading my old phone and still be able to use the hotspot with Verizon's old grandfathered unlimited data plan. Both times the answer was in the affirmative. (Caveat: there was a catch though. As I understand it, the purchase of a new phone through Costco required signing up for a "plan" which could be canceled within two months and I could still used my old Verizon plan without change . . .not to clear about that and will ask again at another store.)
  11. Do a Google search: galaxy note 9 hotspot I believe that FoxFi is a thing of the past and is not needed. And I suspect that most newer phones have the hotspot feature built in. Hope that helps.
  12. Reviews of the "PlushCare" service can be found here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.plushcare.com
  13. I resent those who extrapolate false presumptions.
  14. We were in Montana last month and mask-non-compliance was rampant. In Washington State, mask wearing is so common that it borders on the ridiculous - people out walking are commonly seen wearing masks.
  15. This tire is highly and often recommended on the Jeep forum. We put them on our Rubicon and are happy with them - thou I try to avoid deep sand or mud - they handle dirt, gravel and rock okay.
  16. Bison wandering through camp. Deer going antler-to-antler in rut season. Taking an Uber to BB King's Blues Club on Beale Street - from our RV campground in Memphis across the street from Graceland. Years of experiences like brush strokes on a great canvas.
  17. Clinica Integral Rubio / Dr. Alfredo Cruz Llorenz (928) 255-0896 USA# this this dentist now does implants although I have not used him for that yet. They have several dentists at that clinic. Endoplus/ Fernando Dominguez, DDS - Endodontic and Laser Therapy (928) 362-0530 There were three endodontists the last time I visited that clinic.
  18. I've looked into dental plans over the years and found that it was always cheaper to simply pay out of pocket when/if needed. That said, I prefer my dentist and oral surgeon in Los Algodones, MX - we've had extensive high quality work done there at far below US prices. It's worth the trip and the time to find a good Mexican dental office.
  19. Before purchasing an extended service plan of any kind, take time to read the exclusions in the fine print. This year I'm dropping the regular GS Roadside Assistance plan - $150. / year and I've never used it in over ten years. Instead, I called my insurance agent and for $8.00 year and added roadside assistance to my auto insurance. (And discussed in detail the need for a flat-bed tow truck to handle the truck/camper combination.)
  20. People like you keep the virus from spreading. (That's a good thing!)
  21. I too had several N95 masks in my workshop. They used to have cheap rubber bands that would break in short order. So I always had a few extras on hand. They were cheap. Cost: Long before the last full solar eclipse i bought a dozen pair of plastic solar viewers glasses for about $10 bucks (rated for sun viewing). A year later just before the eclipse they were selling for $15. dollars each and had a "special" rating. Amazon doesn't even carry the N95 now.
  22. I was in Montana this past week. Overheard a camper say that "it was safe here" - meaning that Covid was not present. Yet, the campsite had several Arizona and Texas license plated RV's - and laundry, restroom, etc. Playing the odds? You bet your life.
  23. Resources are indeed limited in some places. How does that affect one's thinking? People that lived through the depression era had a mindset very different from today's disposable attitude.
  24. Thanks for that! Found them on Amazon and will have them tomorrow.
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