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RVers and prescription refills

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IMO, Part D is not a benefit to 90% of the people on it.  I take three maintenance drugs daily and in five years my Part D provider has not paid out a single penny for those drugs.  I could get all of them on some other discount program for the same or better price.  The reason I'm on Part D is so if I ever cross over into that other 10% who it does benefit.  Because it is such a good benefit for them, I'm happy to participate and contribute my $30 per month.

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1 hour ago, Sehc said:

Well, I wasn't trying to disparage medicare or accuse the hospital of over charging. . In fact the charge that caught my eye was due to the hospital billing department listing my Surgeon visit on the wrong date. Resulting in the refusal of payment. And yes. Medicare has been good to me along with the private insurance that covers plan F.    But.  Part D is a different argument as how good or bad it is.

I also forgot to mention that the first billing from hospital at their "standard" rates will be used by them to calculate their "LOSS" - the difference between what was billed and what was actually paid.  No insurance company pays the "standard" rates, they all negotiate how much they will pay for each billing code.

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