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Pete Kildow

19.5s off truck on trailer?

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Have 4 19.5 rickson wheels and tires, That was on my other truck. There 8 lug and fit my Heartland Land Mark Key Largo. Thinking about running those rather then the Goodyear G614's that's on it now. As the 19.5's are rated for 5000 lbs each. And I can buy tires for half of what the 614's will run for new tires. Being I have the wheels and tires I think they may get a try out for a few trips. I have Toyo tires on them now.

Standing one of each side by side. There's less then 1/4" between them, the 19.5's are about 1/4" taller.


The 19.5 in this pic is still jacked up so it looks taller. Will have to get a new set of Lug bolts and center caps.



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The 19.5 tires and wheels should serve you well on the 5er. They are used a lot on lowboy trailers etc. I run 19.5 on my MH, very good service. I have also used them on a Low Profile tractor for commercial hauling.

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