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    PA registration

    It was fairly simple to do. If I remember correctly she is in Helena Montana. But I cannot remember her name. I will ask my wife later today as it is still before 8 in Arizona. The resource guide that Mark assembled may have the office listed. If the lady is still doing the registration thing I do not know. We do our own now. There is a lot of negative thoughts on this subject, but since we registered hear we have moved to Montana. I do mobile rv repair and I can tell you there are many, I mean many people that do it. Any trailer gets a one time payment for registration I think. If you vehicle you are driving is older than ten years you can get a one time permanent plate for it. Yes we have not payed for a plate since 2000. You need to do some searching on the subject to understand it. Safe Travels, Vern
  2. Wrknrvr

    PA registration

    I would think about forming a LLC in Montana and register it there. We lived in Pa until 2009. We went through all that stuff and then would worry about returning to Pa without a legal inspection sticker. Then once they have you pulled over they may look for more stuff. High plate fees every year. And inspections. And taxes on your purchase. No tax in Montana. In 2007 our truck was totaled by a uninsured motorist. So we bought another truck. I had to pay taxes on the replacement truck as I could not trade in the old truck. Double taxation in Pa. my accountant said I had to pay the taxes Also insurance may help on cost also. Never ever register a vehicle again in Pa. I had noticed a truck that was registered out of state in the mid 1990s. A local dump truck. Even met the guy once. I did know his brother. Policed could not bother him. Experience speaking, Vern
  3. Just a few statements about fuel for lp appliances in RVs. With purchasing lp in Arizona it should have Propane which evaporates at about -44 degrees. Then it most likely has some butane mixed in also. Butane evaporates at about 32 degrees. Then they may just happen to put in isobutane also. Isobutane evaporates at Boiling point: 10.94°F (-11.7°C). Now this gas was never really figured in my thoughts of lp gas. Yesterday I had a small propane bottle in my residential fridge for a few hours. I did not check the temperature of the bottle. Now that bottle was filled from a 20 lb lp bottle filled at the local supplier. A small warm bottle of propane was put on a regular propane torch. It had a flame as you would expect it to have. Then the freezer bottle was installed on the same torch. The flame was considerately smaller. I am thinking that the butane was not evaporating. And the isobutane was not evaporating since the flame was smaller on the chilled bottle. Also the pressure of propane at or near 0 degrees may play a factor in this subject. More test today with temperature control hopefully. I do not have time today to do a scientific test. Nor do I have the ability as a lab would. Just thinking, Vern This winter I had a few new AFMD Atwood furnaces that when the weather was cold did not produce as much heat during until the temperature warmed up outside.
  4. I am curious if anyone in the Phoenix area has had any furnace problems that go away when it warms up in the am. So what I am looking for is that your furnace works fine in the evening. But when you get up it is not able to produce heat. You turn the thermostat off and back on and it works when it is warming up outside. This winter has had some below freezing nights around the Phoenix area this winter. Especially north west of Phoenix. Just Curious, Vern
  5. I would suggest stoping at a auto parts store and get a tube of dielectric grease. It is pure silicone, Cover the new blade and seals of the new valve. It will work much easier and will not leave deposits form on it. From experience, Vern
  6. So here is the difference in casting something not very accurate. The small piece is my last casting. It was fairly accurate in size. The other one was a hurry up wax shaping that was over size. I new that, so I made the third wax model. I was casting some bullets so I just poured that second mold and you can see my results are. The lost wax casting process involves shaping the item in wax. Then imbedding the wax model in plaster of Paris. Then you let it cure. Then heat the mold to melt the wax out and continue heating the mold . Then pour the molten casting metal into the hot mold. I have wanted to do this for long time. Finally getting to it. I may have started my buckitlist 40 years ago. It is interesting to try new things.
  7. This is a photo of the repaired tank with a covering made out of a mud flap bought at NAPA. Just about finished, Vern
  8. I want explain my thoughts on my situation on this subject. Now I think I may have very small chance of contact with this virus. But a better chance than most on this forum would. Most on the forum have there little daily routine that you do. I do Mobile RV repair. We are about 180 miles from the Grand Canyon staying in a RV park. And every day there are several RVs that leave and more come into the campground for at least one night. So last Thursday a customer called about getting his waste valves changed on a class C. Fairly simple job. So I had just seen on the news about the virus not long before that. Then I remembered our last visit to the Grand Canyon. So I asked him if he had just visited the Grand Canyon. He said no. Yesterday I had a new customer find me and we had a discussion on a problem that his rv has. Should I ask him where he was lately. In a normal day I may talk to several new customers in person, face to face. Last night on the news they stated there is a new case of the virus in the Phoenix area. I also enjoy petting dogs that come by in the am. I am normally out side getting ready to go to work by 9 am. Last year one day I had over thirty dogs stop by for a visit. They all come with owners attached. I now have the World Health Organization website on my favorites. Sorry it did not copy and paste. I have had three different businesses in my life. My first business had me working on a island next to Three Mile Island nuclear plant when it had its problems. Sorta slim chance for anyone on here to have experienced that. Then with being in a service business you get to meet and see many things. So I have experienced two other national events that happened that I had seen things that needed to be reported. And I did call and report them. just a slim chance I may retire sooner than later, Vern
  9. So this end cap was shaped out of wax three times and then each attempt was covered in plaster of Paris. Then they needed heated to melt out wax and dry mold out. First mold fell into pieces as it was heated. Second attempt was poured in lead. As a test. What you see is the sorta good one. Note to self —— take your time to carve it out of wax correctly. Zinc is hard to shape compared to wax. So I never tried the lost wax casting process before. So I needed to fix a boo boo in the casting. So with solder gun I made an attempt to fill two small defects. O no when zinc melts it seems to not behave very good. So I get the idea to fill void with silver solder. Needed to apply a little heat with a torch. Sparingly apply heat with solder gun and torch. It worked. But now to shape the new material....... it is hard. In sunlight it has a yellow tint to it. This sorta eliminates some boredom., Vern
  10. Heck. I just the pipe off to look in. b Next to find something to put in. Bored again , Vern
  11. I think this is something needs attention for rv travelers. Three years ago we visited the south rim of the Grand Canyon again. It has been 30 years since we last stoped there. One thing we noticed was how many Asian people were there. So with the news of how this is spreading, I started to think about signs we had seen traveling around Las Vegas. There are advertisements about bus trips to see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. And other ways for travelers to see the Grand Canyon. Last year we stoped in a campground in Flagstaff Az for two nights. We learned how to ride the bus around town to see things. Had a good time there. But there was a Class C rental next to us that had 6 to 8 Asian people get out of that rv. Just thinking, Vern
  12. I have been thinking about how a black tank operates. Yesterday I had a customer call about a plugged black tank. He thought he was full of it. But I say he is just full of gas. We will get to that subject later. I think it would be interesting to install a remote camera to see what really happens. If there is anyone that would visit the north ranch that would volunteer there rv to be videoed. I have a remote camera that we could use. Kirk could you stop over to supervise, even volunteer your rv. Just thinking, Vern
  13. Go to the HDT forum. Scroll down looking for picture posting . That may help with seeing your problem Vern
  14. Looking at the diagram for that fridge it has two green wires or atleast coded that way. for the switch. So I take that as it is switching the ground. Some things today they switch the ground side instead of the hot side. Now if the ground is not connected then it actually is hot. So one of those wires to the switch should test for power if metered to the center of the range. The rage is grounded as it is hooked to the copper gas line. It is usually sorta close to the fridge. The diagram is at Bryant’s rv.. I am working today so that puts a time limit helping.i i am in the middle of a bucket list project I started 40 years ago. Yep it has been 40 years in the making for that bucketlist . its antique before it is finished. Working on retirement, Vern
  15. I would start back tracking 12 vac power from the bulb positive contact and the ground at the same time . Use a jumper wire attacked to the gas line on the range . That should be a good ground. Use that to test to see if there is power to the the positive side of the light when light should be on. if there is then attach that ground wire to the ground side to see if the light works. If need be follow every connection back to the 12vdc power source. Last week a customer brought me a Suburban furnace that would not work. He installed a Dinosaur board and it would not turn the fan on. I repaired a bad solder joint on his old power board. It did not work. So with putting 12vdc to the fan motor it worked. So. I traced 12vdc through the system. It had 12vdc everywhere it was suppose to be. Pulled the 12vdc switch that is on the side of the furnace and put in a 12vdc fuse. Ddddmmmm thing worked, yes that switch passed 12vdc through the switch to the board, but did not apparently pass enough amperage to operate the control board. Just thinking, Vern
  16. Just a thought. Motor has a problem starting but fan switch has had time to do its thing. Then sends signal to ignite. And pop. Intermittent problems can be fun to solve. Just thinking, Vern
  17. How old is this unit. We need to know what what type power board is on it. And the age should give us some idea. Also try turning off all gas appliances for 10 hours or so. And at the same time turn all propane bottles off. Then try to ignite a burner on the range and see if there is any propane for the flame. That flame must be burning immediately. Thinking, Vern
  18. With working and getting married some things took the back burner. So that silver colored object is a cast zinc end cap. It’ was done in the lost wax casting process. Now that took three attempts at it to produce that piece. Never did wax casting process before. Still a lot of finishing by hand to make it fit. The metal piece near the camera was made out of steel tubing. It is for where the ramrod enters the stock. The wide end was hammered out of the round tubing and then the two pieces where silver soldered together. This is an attempt to reproduce a Hawken rifle the way it was made in 1840 or there about. Only hand tools where used mostly. I guess any electric tools would be called cheating by some. Ok I cheated a little. Now Youtube is very helpful for this project. And the net helps a lot also. Before the net you hand to find a rifle in a museum for a real idea what you wanted to do. So traveled from Pa to Colorado to see one or two examples. That image is long gone. Lots of different things to consider when building a rifle as such. With retirement getting close I am thinking of getting a forge for making some parts this summer also. I do want to try and cast some German silver parts this summer for the next rifle. It will be made with a applewood stock. Yes the applewood stock is 40 years old also. note to self—— do not try to carve 40 year old wood It seems like it got hard over time. Or I am weaker. Boredom is fading, Vern
  19. So this is photos of my project. h h I bought the barrel, lock and triggers. And a block of tiger maple wood. The small parts I made by hand on the back of my truck. 40 years int the making, Vern
  20. Just curious if anyone has ever built one of these. I finally got out a stock I started and 40 years ago and have started making parts for it. Vern
  21. What is interesting to me is to take something and make something else out of it. And at not much cost. I have thought of using water power for generating power for 40 years. The only time I owned water on a property, it was used for a business and I never got to that subject. Still interesting to me, Vern
  22. Just curious if anyone tried this. So just stumbled into this subject on YouTube. thanks in advance, Vern
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