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  1. I live in Utah. Registered my IH 4700 sport build as a flat bed pickup. Dropped the registration fees down considerably. They saw the IH 4700, looked it up and wanted to charge on the commercial rate at it's rated tow weight, etc. I showed the lady a photo on my phone. She went, "now that's cool. It's a flatbed with a hitch". And that's how it's registered. I did ask if it could be registered as a motorhome configuration. She indicated that could cost more than just the Pickup flatbed. I took her suggestion. I haven't looked deeply into the regs for qualification as an RV/motorhome classification. My quick look found it to wide open and easy. Bob
  2. Good video on what this does and how it works: http://www.turbomirage.com/water.html DIY if you have the time. http://www.aemelectronics.com/?q=products/water-methanol-injection-systems/water-methanol-injection-kit-for-turbo-diesel-engines This one is very good as it adjusts the input/spray as the RPMs and load go up. Most are stepped. A certain amount at the start and then is hard switches to a higher volume mid point as the engine is running up. I like this one personally and will be ordering it later this summer. http://shop.bankspower.com/c-51-products-water-methanol-injection.html http://shop.bankspower.com/i-453-45003-double-shot-water-methanol-injection-system-high-volume-universal-application.html?ref=category:55 You can look on YouTube on how to save lots of money by blending your own Methanol + Water mix. Enjoy. Bob
  3. I bobtail at that speed(s). Towing our 36' 5'er...nope. Still, I'd like to get it figured out. Thanks for the input all. I'm off to get the front end and tires looked at. Bob
  4. Great info. Thanks. Seems the truck was delivered to the builder who outfitted it as a toter. It was gray but was repainted white. Interesting. That's some fairly heavy bags. Hmmm. Need to find lighter weight/load ones. Bob
  5. Noteven: I got in touch with them and they were helpful but could not help. I asked for a replacement bag rated for a lower load. They can only quote factory equivalents listed for the truck. I'm going to try the parts guy at the local International dealer. Ronbo: Hmmm. Does not seem logical but some things about these trucks baffle me. Just talking out loud here, it would seem that if I find the point where the bag is inflated to proper height but not to rated 'full' pressure, it would ride softer and keep the frame off the tires (loPro chassis configuration). Am I off target here? Bob
  6. On my 1998 international 4700 sport chassis both air bags are ready to die. I'd like to put lighter duty ones there in hopes of a softer ride. So, questions: which ones (model number)? and how about the Double Convoluted Air Spring designs? any advantage or disadvantage to those as a replacement for the stock bags? I typically see critical measurements listed like deflated and inflated height, bolt placements but rarely the weight rating. I think, not sure, that stock is like 12k lbs. Might be way off. Thanks Bob
  7. I have an 1998 466 International 4700. On several recent long trips, bobtail, I notice that the front end shimmies. It is cyclic. It will be totally smooth for a while then cycle into the shimmy. At or below 70mph it's fine. Above 70, it starts. Thought about a steering stabilizer setup. But something is fundamentally off to start this kind of action and a stabilizer would only mask most of the problem I think. Ideas? suggestions... Bob Trim
  8. How about water injection? Any thoughts or reports on how that works out for more umph?
  9. trimster

    No air pressure :(

    Success! Put the big blaster under the front aimed back for 30 min. Fired the truck up and captain, we have pressure. Pulled the tank drain valve a bunch of time to blow out water from there and the lines leading to it. Pushed the bag dump for the rear to clean that out a bit. So it's a toasty 17 degrees and life is good. Thanks all Bob
  10. trimster

    Ts Performance MP8

    Any info yet? How'd it work? More power or MPG? Bob
  11. trimster

    No air pressure :(

    Thanks and happy new year. It's a toasty 3 degrees here in Utah. I have one of those 50,000 btu blaster heaters I use to heat the garage. I'll put that under the truck aimed to the back and let it blast away for a while. Got to love the cold weather...NOT. Bob
  12. trimster

    No air pressure :(

    On my Int. 4800 dt466, I don't have air pressure. The truck has been setting for 2 weeks, block heater plugged in, but it's been cold here in Utah. Teens most nights, 32 during the day. Fired it up and let it idle for 20+ min. Air pressure gauge says '0'. Where do I start looking, tinkering, to get this fixed? I can't drive it because the frame drops onto the top of the rear tires with no system pressure. I could jack it up and put blocks back there to keep the frame a few inches off the tires if needs be, for an emergency run to a shop. Where is the air compressor located on this engine? Thanks Bob
  13. trimster

    Steering stabilizer

    We did tons of miles on bad roads this past 30 days. I know the front ends are built to take a beating, but any value in putting on a steering stabilizer on the truck? Sure helped my Dodge 3500 when I put an aftermarket unit on. Thanks
  14. trimster

    Hitch, how far back

    I looked in the HDT section some time back. I figured there was enough difference between the two to warrant some input specific to the MDT. And thanks all. I will be moving mine back soon.
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