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  1. I also have the high torque Milwaukee and I really like it. Did a brake job on the front of my 630 I broke the wheels loose and the frozen shock bolts that a air 1/2 inch wasn't even thinking about taking off. it's a beast and I thought it was cheap at Home Depot without battery it was on sale for just a little over 230.00 with a free 12ah battery so I actual guess it did come with battery. Iddy
  2. This one has been sold to me I dont think I can change the title of post to sold but as of now I'm the proud owner and he's a great truck.
  3. iddy

    My Drom

    I actually wanted it too but unable right then. I was wondering if I could ask you what it weighed? Inside dimension, length of your truck, space between it and the hitch, space between it and the truck and why you picked that and where it's at how much did it add to the front axle? I want to get one built or build one my self just like it for two smaller motorcycles and love this box thanks Iddy
  4. iddy

    Volvo VIN search

    I used Rig Dig I think it was 35.00. I thought it was useful told we where it was first bought all other owners and a wreck it was in at one time. And all the inspection it has had and passed/or failed
  5. I know on a lot of computer controlled vehicle the computer sends out 5v to the sensors and if anything happens to that voltage to change it what comes back to the computer will be wrong. I don't know why but this often seems to be A/C stuff. If there is any insulation missing on the wire it can give the computer fits. I know ona Cummins Dodge it's often the hi pressure A/C sensor wire that has rubbed against the line that will make all kinds of readings wrong. I hope this is of some help. Iddy
  6. iddy

    DPF Cleaning Results

    I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Did you have the Computer soot level reset? Where did you get your parts at. I've been looking for cheaper parts especially the dozer gaskets. So you've gone to 1 Regen per tank now after cleaning and it takes less time? That's good to know thanks for the post. Iddy
  7. Thanks everyone especially Chad my wife and I had a great time. I'm off to pickup my truck up Sunday wish me luck. Can't wait for next years all ready. Ron and Kerstin
  8. iddy

    volvo select parts account

    Wow that really don't sound very promising. I hadn't seen that part. I'm glad I asked.
  9. Has any one signed up with Volvo for a select parts account? It looks like you can see a parts book online with your Vin # and I don't see any mention of cost but before I sign up I was wanting any real life reviews. Anyone have another way of getting parts book? If I can see a diagram I can usually figure how to take it apart. Back together maybe not so much. Thanks
  10. I saw a beautiful white Volvo HDT later model with motorcycle tied on nice deck traveling North I-5 thru Valencia Ca on Monday in the a.m. Nice rig Anybody here?
  11. I as well would like to see the interior, engine, underneath and just about any angle you could get. I'm very interested and pictures would help. Thanks sorry about situation.
  12. That is the plan the day I retire. Truck will be packed and I told the wife she better be in the truck if she's going with me.
  13. That's my plan B after I check if there's any way possible to do it regularly. But its getting to look more like that may be the best plan. But i got a little while to get as much information as possible. I don't retire for another 3 years and a few. Thanks
  14. Thanks Chad for the reply. These other things are the one's i don't know about. I have my Class A and was planning to avoid way stations like the plague ( back roads to state border on trips) And i figured the insurance would just be more expensive? My wanting to get the truck into CA is I want to start working on it to convert it. Single the truck and get it ready for a RV life. I have a friend with a ranch to keep it on and would limit my CA road exposure. Chad I'm coming to the WCR and if you have time I would love to bend your ear about this. Roger & Margaret i've been following your story and interested in any news of your quest to HDT. And Steve I'm trying to find the statues that say I wouldn't need CA or USDOT # As far as i can tell in the books anything in CA over 26K your all commercial. I see alot of people having books on the states registration reg's and putting CA together it looks like I hit a road block at this weight. I'm starting to think I register in another state and keep it there but that make logistics a nightmare. Thanks everyone for the input
  15. Ok I know I've asked this question differently a few times. But this time I want to ask anyone that has registered a HDT in California as a commercial truck. Which I believe now is the only way. Do you just go to DMV with title, weight ticket and VIN verification if truck not from this state and registered. I'm looking at a California truck and the reg's are not clear to me if DMV is going to want anything else to register the truck. I wont have a DOT # or the CHP# Does DMV need anything else to get registered. I know i'm not commercial but want to avoid any problems at DMV. What all is involved has anyone done this? My next choice is register out of state and keep out of state but that's my #2 just because I want to single and build a box and bed and need the access. Thanks again Ron
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