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  1. Finally Registered T2000 in CA

    Yes please the details would be most interesting to me. I'm very much interested in how this whole process went for you. I may be doing the same some time soon Thanks
  2. california hdt registration

    Thanks Chad that's helpful. Yeah there will probably years between the acquiring of the truck the conversion and then the purchase of the 5th wheel. . Are you going to the Nation rally? if so I would like to buy you a coffee and chew the fat about HDT's Thanks again. Iddy
  3. california hdt registration

    Chad i would like to ask a question. If i register a HDT in CA as commercial and will be only using it for a rv how does CARB find you? What I mean is I want to get a truck now register it and start the conversion over the next few years and maybe take a few trips as just a camper in that time. But it would be awhile before I would have a 5th wheel. How does Carb find you and can I register any year truck.I've heard no truck with a engine older than 2010 and you have to add a catalysts and what does insurance run. Are the insurance companies more understand of what I'm trying to do? Any incite would be much appreciated. Thanks Iddy
  4. SOLD 2000 Volvo 610, White

    Grizfish i would like to look at your truck. I think I may just be around the corner from you. I'm In Santa Clarita, CA I think i see a Accurate hitch sticker on the gooskneck hitch. i replied to the other thread and sent a message. Thanks Ron
  5. SOLD Hello Oldtimers - Time to sell the Volvo

    Grizfish i would like to look at your truck. I think I may just be around the corner from you. I'm In Santa Clarita, CA I think i see the a Accurate hitch sticker on the gooskneck hitch. I'm going to send you a message with my phone # if you would like to call me.
  6. Welding Or Plasma Cutter ECM Protection?

    Wow i really like this truck. Is there any more like it. How did you find it. I want to make a hdt with a box for 2 motorcycles and tools if I could find one like this i would cut the box in two and i would be done. If you have anymore info I would like to hear it or at least so more pictures.
  7. Blake Richards

    If you singled this truck would you single mid? How many feet of usable deck space do you think you would end up with a fifth wheel? I think this truck would be perfect for me. I want to put two motorcycles on the deck in a box of some kind and pull a fifth wheel. My wife likes a 40 footer and I would hope I could get this to 65 foot. Does anyone know? Thanks Ron
  8. california hdt registration

    Well I've decided that it's really not a good idea to try to get a HDT and squirrel it away in CA for 6 years. The truck I was going to buy looked like the perfect vehicle for me but the hurdles are to high. The thing is some one said on here its fairly simple to follow the law but I'm more confused about the law now than ever. I do know Ca has a lot of road blocks to my getting a HDT, So i'm waiting until I domicile in another state and retirement is in 6 years if SS is still there then. Thanks every one for there input.
  9. california hdt registration

    Thanks all for your replies. All of you are the posters I had hoped would respond. You all seem very knowledgeable. So if I may let me ask my question a little bit differently. I'm still not sure what I'm getting into. If you want to see the truck its the T600 for sale in the for sale ads on this site. I have a place out on 600 acres I will store the vehicle on. I think the truck is perfect for me and my wife for what we want to do in the future. I'm not sure but could be jumping the gun but sometimes opportunity knocks. What exactly will happen if I try to register this vehicle in California? I have a class B license and Ill work on the A. IF i read this right it will be registered as a regular class 8 commercial rig which if I understand will cost $850 a year? right? But since it's been set up for RVing and that's what it is for and no shanagons on my part. I won't get a letter from the powers to be that I'll have to install pollution controls or 10k worth of dpf or anything like that right? Can I get insurance for a vehicle for this use or will the insurance be commercial? Will insurance be in the thousands? So let me make a list of my questions 1 I know I have to register commercial and this will cost me $850 a year 2With this registration do I have to have log book, and all kinds of commercial thing i dont know about? 3 Do I have to pull into weigh stations 4 If i registered it in another state and snuck it in to my parking place and kept there for years until it left the state and I got caught leaving how much is the fine or do I go to prison? 5 Is there any more to this that I dont know. 6 Who could I hire to explain and register I was hoping I could hire Brackken Its there services for this? Thanks again Iddy
  10. california hdt registration

    I've been a escapees member for 2 years now and just been lurking. I'm a long way off from retiring or even getting a RV but its my plan to retire with a HDT that can haul my two motorcycles and a Fifth wheel. I just found I think the perfect HDT for me and want to know if I can register it in CA. I've searched and read several of the threads and I'm more confused than ever. If I could I would like to ask a series of questions please 1. The truck is converted to a regular cab,no sleeper, big square box behind cab that can haul two motorcycles and a rv hauler bed with a nice air rv hitch. If I put stove, bed and fridge potty and electical in box CA still will not let this be registered as MH right? as far as i can tell by the forms CA is not doing this no more? 2 Can I register this as a Private vehicle. Its a 2000 model and want exempt from smog rules for adding new smog equipment. will this exempt me or does it need to be hooked up to rv? 3 who could answer these questions officially for me before I buy? Bracken tax service? 4 Does any one know what the weight of a T2000 from 2k can legally haul when singled. I found some language on the DMV site that sound like the statues have changed and the truck should have a gvwr of 26k or under that doesn't include the trailer right?GVWR is the amount truck and load can weigh without trailer or am I wrong. I took the following out of DMV site Motor trucks or two-axle truck tractors, with a GVWR of less than 26,001 pounds, when operated singly, or when used to tow a camp or utility trailer, a trailer coach, a fifth-wheel travel trailer, or a trailer designed to transport a watercraft, and is never operated commercially. (This provision becomes operative on January 1, 2016.) I really want the truck and if I cant register in CA I'm thinking of storing it in another state until I can retire which may be 5 or 6 years. Can it be stored in CA if not registered in CA. I know that sounds like i'm asking if I can break the law by driving it on the roads but I'm asking if it could be stored and then when i retire I'll domicile in another state and drive it with the new tags there. Of course I'll excise it on private property Thanks every one its good to be here. I really would like some one to explain this in slow precise wording.. The older I get the denser I get