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  1. Phil Check out Hewhoknowslittle's Freightliner. He has his 8k Onan mounted into the back of his frame. His truck is not singled though.
  2. I can fill my 2019 F450 from empty to full in 4 minutes flat at the truck stops, and there is no back splash when it shuts off. Money goes fast though.
  3. We saw a gold or tan 780 Volvo with Smart and 5th wheel painted to match, southbound on I-75 crossing the Mackinac Bridge Tuesday the 23rd about 3:00pm. The wife spotted it before me, and said, WOW was that a sharp looking rig.
  4. We had a 90 gal tank in our 2011 F450, but wanted a roll top cover on our new truck , so we went with a 60 gal tank from ARS that fits under the new cover.
  5. More Chicken lights and chrome in your future I can bet.
  6. We have an Owner Operator that hauls for us regularly that was there with the show off and on for the first 2 years of the show, and some of the stories he tells of the things they did to make "TV" is such a hoot. And he told us the real reason the show left Carlisle trucking, but that is a story I would rather not tell.
  7. We use ours all the ours all the time, if more than an over night stay. It just gives a little more stability under the nose.
  8. I feel that if the people in my family or friends I associate with want me to know or see something they will share it with me. No Facebook for me either.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys, the battery compartment isn't big enough for 4 6V, and as long as the opening is tall enough I am going for the 12v.
  10. What are your thoughts on Duracell GC12V batteries? I was looking at them at Sams Club this afternoon.
  11. My battery box is not big enough to hold 4 batteries.
  12. So if you were wanting to replace your 2- 12 volt deep cycle batteries, would you go with 2 - 12 volt Trojan Gollf Cart Batteries?
  13. Then why did they charge us at Ft Pickens today? $20.00 for the Senior Pass
  14. I have to log in each time I get on. Is there a way to stay logged in like before or am I missing something.
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