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  1. If you have a smart phone, check for a leveling app. My iPhone has a compass app that came standard and if you open it up then swipe left, the phone becomes a level.
  2. Which lifetime? The longer I live, the more all those places and peoples and situations feel just like that. Another lifetime.
  3. I also can access my outside shower water lines from under the bathroom sink so, in freezing weather, I leave that cabinet open so the warmth of the RV gets to the pipes. On the outside, I put bubble wrap into the outside shower compartment to help insulate against the cold from the access door.
  4. How long since you last used it? If it's been a while, try spraying some lubricating oil down there from the rooftop mount, then go inside and try to spin it.
  5. Spot--Re the chickens, I lie not... Had a family with half a dozen chickens stay for a few days at a Virginia state park. They were lovely creatures and very well behaved. Stayed outside and, even when the family was away from the site having fun, the chickens stayed close to their RV, toodling around, clucking a soft song, and entertaining the passers-by. Also saw a fellow camping in a Texas park with a goat. Delightful!
  6. What was the problem and the fix?
  7. Anyone ever use an air horn in an aggressive dog situation? I got one for bears and have started to carry it all the time now for off-leash, aggressive dogs, too, but haven't had a chance to test it (hope I don't get the chance!). I suppose another benefit is it would immediately call attention to the situation in case help is needed.
  8. Here's the skinny for anyone else with a similar question. Norcold's 7 cu ft NA7LX will work in the N621 opening with no modifications necessary. It is also a 2-way unit. It also isn't a full 7 cu.ft--more like 6.5. Important to note: Buy a trim adapter kit for the old frig's door panels so that they will fit the larger unit, unless you want to buy new doors. Thanks for your help, ya'll.
  9. Thanks, Kirk. I was quoted a price from a repair shop for a new cooling unit, plus labor, that would approach the cost of a new refrigerator. Also when researching what goes into installing a new cooling unit, it looks like it can be a complicated process and if it is not done right, I would be no better off than before... just way poorer. So it made sense to me to go with a new frig at this point. Good idea, though, if it were more economical.
  10. My 6 cu.ft. Norcold N621 is dying. Trying to shop for a replacement and it looks like, not only is this model not made any more, Norcold doesn't make a 6 cu.ft. 2-way RV frig anymore (unless I am missing something). Closest things I find are the Dometic DM2652 and DM2662 (6.3 and 6.11 cu.ft), but they are slightly wider (1/2") and taller (3/4") than my Norcold so it looks like I'll have to pay to have the opening enlarged somewhat, in addition to the expense of the frig and installation. Hopefully it will be worth it! Questions: Anyone have feedback on reliability of that Dometic model (or other similar models)? And am I overlooking another option? (Oh, and I did look up the Norcold conversion chart which shows what new models can be used to replace old ones, and they don't even list the N621.) Thanks for your input!
  11. Please let us know if/when you find the solution to the problem. I have had a similar issue for a while now. Thanks!
  12. Here is one that a friend of mine in Rainbow's End uses regularly (and which he highly recommends): Price Mobile RV Svc & Repair, Chris Price, 936-215-1537.
  13. Lake Barkley Canal Campground (270/362-4840) was real nice when I stayed there a year ago. Be careful which loop you pick--big difference in size of rigs they can take, shade, spaciousness, etc. From my notes, the loops that can easily handle larger RVs were the Canal View Loop (several pull-through sites here) and Fisherman's Row. There are full hookup sites in Browns Point loop but those sites looked pretty cramped to me. Woods Loop and Beach Loop looked to have some decent sites, too.
  14. Guilty as charged. Hi MrsSquid! I agree with everything Solo18 has to say about full timing in a C, although mine is a B+ as some call them--the difference being that instead of a bed over cab, that is where my TV and a couple of storage cabinets are (makes things more streamlined). Mine is 25 feet long (model 2351) with no slide, a decision I made in the interest of simplicity. That also makes for larger storage cabinets in the area where you do not have a slide. Like Solo18, I do not tow a car, a decision I have only momentarily regretted a couple of times in four years. All the posters here have legitimate points. Only you know what will work best with your travel goals and budget. Good luck with your decision, and keep us posted!
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