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Found 12 results

  1. OK, I apologize in advance. I'm looking for the final consensus on protecting yourself and pet from a loose aggressive dog. Now I've spent 20 minutes searching "dog" with words attack, protection, deterrent, defense, spray and every other darn word I can think of & pretty much the same posts come up which are irrelevant. Please, someone tell me what to search to get what I want or direct me to the thread (which I know is on here many times). SHEESH!
  2. I've just published a 45 page resource booklet that has over 50 photos and also clickable links. For anyone who travels with pets or is thinking about traveling with pets, this booklet will be useful to you. This is my story of my first year on the road full time with numerous animals, both domestic and exotic, with lots of reference material included. Topics include how to find places to park and what your choices are; shopping; sightseeing; supplies; emergencies; and more. Authored by the owner of AnimalsAboard.com travel blog with over 50 pet-friendly reviews. $.99 as a digital dow
  3. We will be traveling with our dog from Montana up to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada to see family. Any one have any suggestions, pointers, things to know, about? Your expereinces etc when crossing into and out of Canada.
  4. I would like to hear from others about if and under what conditions they have their pets ride in the front seat of their vehicle. I was reading a blog the other day and I came across a picture of a van that had its front seat facing backwards and it looked like that was the way they travelled - allowing the dog in the picture to look out the window, be close to the driver, and have a barrier between it and the front windshield. I am anticipating a purchase of a class B rv and want to employ this idea for Matilda, my australian shepherd mix. Has anyone tried this? Has it worked - to your
  5. Hi! We were wondering where your kitties ride on travel days, especially those of you with HDTs? I will be driving our chase car and Ran will be driving our Volvo 780. If you put them in the HDT, are they in their carriers? Thanks, Jo
  6. HI! Not sure if this has been asked/posted before. If it has, I apologize. We are just about to hit the road for full timing, and we will be traveling with three cats. Does anyone have any experience with tracking devices? Would a key tracker work (i.e TrackR, Mynt, etc)? Ideally we would like to find something light weight, and easy to use. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hello all, Me, my husband, our two dogs, and our two cats are looking to full time RV. We would be the commuting type though because we need to keep our jobs. Our home has been a lot like in the movie "the money pit". We are so tired of it. We are considering getting the repairs done and sell our home as we have a bad taste in our mouths from this home, our first home. We have looked at so many RV parks and some look okay. It looks like our savings would almost triple. My questions are this: Is it safe to leave your RV (in our case a travel trailer) unattended several days a wee
  8. Hello everyone. I hope this is the correct place to put this. I will be going to school (MBA) for a year in Escondido, CA and live in AZ. My school cost is pretty much covered, but the issue is rent. Quite expensive in that area. I have been considering boondocking, as this is my goal anyway-full timing in an RV. So here are my concerns and questions. Please let me know what you think, advise, etc. I have a dog-an 80lb shepherd mix. Very well trained, rarely barks, very housebroken... she is my best buddy and there is NO way I will give her to anyone else. I don't have an RV ye
  9. We are going to be full timing starting May, 2016. We will be buying a 5th wheel toy hauler. We have to Harley's, 2 golden retrievers & a cat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -what make of toy hauler -traveling with pets -recommended truck
  10. Our furry friends can travel in style too...I don't know if they make one large enough for our German Shepard...But this is definitely on his wish list
  11. We are gearing up to go full time on our bus conversion and my great stumbling block continues to be how to keep our fun-loving dog-like feline duo cool enough through these Summer months. Any and all constructive advice is welcome and greatly appreciated!!
  12. Guest


    i joined with a typical "me" typo - it should have been "petrlife". duh. my dream, hopefully a long-term plan, is to sell my house in PA & move out west to my oldest friend on the Olympic Peninsula, WA. the only way i can do this is with a Class A or C, since my family consists of (to date) 2 parrots, a jack russell terrorist, and 12 cats. i can park on my friend's land & install an RV hook-up. i am not working. i am on disability. i am also clueless, so i am here to learn!
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