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  1. Thank you all for the responses. Just what I wanted.
  2. Need a pressure source. Wher to fill while on the road? Any suggestions?
  3. When I crank it up it is fine. When I try to rotate the directional plate it won't budge. This is a new issue. Of course the last time I cranked it up Everything was fine. Any ideas?
  4. She got offthem for one monthtoreset her pain recepors. That was in November. She was edridden the whole ime. She has severe chronic pain in her legs and back due to neve damage. Shes backtaking morphine ata lower does,but shes not been the same since the withdrawls. She has no interest in much now. Shes petrified that she will have to go thru thatagain. Last fall she was functional, now not so much.
  5. Not yet on Medicare. Wife takes morphine for a severe back issue. We are with Kaiser in northern California. We have to limit our trips to 30 days max so we can pick up her morphine at the facikity near where we live. Morphine cant be shipped. Doctors cant write perscriptions for mor than 30 days even if its a permanent need. Is there anyone in the same boat as us? We can eventually go full time but we would need to have a doctor that we could return to every 30 days. We have been able, on occasion, get an extended 10 day supply.
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