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  1. That is what I should have bought in the 1st place. Lol
  2. This is the 50 plug on my 5iver the picture I posted above in the first post is a 50 amp power - twist lock
  3. thanks this looks like what I’m looking for
  4. I want to connect the two 50 amp power cords I have for when I’m more than 25’ from the pedestal
  5. Any suggestions? The current mattress is poor quality and the sizing is 4 inches shorted than a standard queen bed. If I have the room an I use a conventional queen bed vs a RV specific one? Are there weight concerns I should be worried about? thanks
  6. I have used it 4-6 times very happy with the savings and being able to use the bigger truck lanes and faster pumps
  7. I have heard good things about the SolidRF RV Pro kit
  8. I think I would only be using it for stationary
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