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  1. scouserl41

    Digitizing documents and photographs

    Our Canon 3 in 1 Pixma printer comes with software that splits pictures out so long as there is a 1/8" gap between them when you place them on the scanner bed. BnB
  2. I thought the same thing but we don't have satellite at all and haven't had for several years since we started fulltiming. We thought we might give it a try as we like to watch Formula 1 car racing and it isn't broadcast OTA only on ESPN2. We watched some races last year on Direct TV Now but we found it wasn't very reliable and the DVR feature was hard to use so we ended up with a few races in Spanish! Thanks for the links and tips, they are greatly appreciated, BnB
  3. We just bought a new to us 2009 Monaco with a King dish on the roof. we asked about getting satellite installed and they tell us the dish is no good, a tailgater wont be any good in a couple of months and it's $2100 to update the whole thing to work on HD!! We don't have unlimited data so I guess we'll be watching OTA and DVD's from the thrift stores again!! BnB
  4. scouserl41

    Best Downsizing Day Ever! And Alomost There!

    Black Butte Porter!!!
  5. scouserl41

    camp resorts

    Thanks for the input Joe.
  6. scouserl41

    camp resorts

    Maybe her question is unanswerable? Do you grill people who call whether they are employees of the company they represent or contractors to that company? I certainly dont. Maybe reading the whole blog post I wrote might answer the question? BnB
  7. scouserl41

    camp resorts

    For what??
  8. Californians are moving to Arizona by the thousands, apparently they are bringing their stupid laws with them! BnB
  9. scouserl41

    camp resorts

    I doubt if the Zone Passes were scheduled to vanish at midnight on New Years Eve? It's hard to keep a blog updated by the minute! Apart from which I don't own TT so I can't tell you what and when they intend to do anything only what THEY TOLD ME> They said the Zone Passes were going away but not when. BnB
  10. scouserl41

    camp resorts

    Yes as it explains at the bottom they called me at after Christmas 2018 with the "New Status". I don't believe ANY of the sales pitch they gave me. How they will continue to operate without selling new memberships is beyond belief. BnB
  11. scouserl41

    Thousand Trails Zone Pass

    It all depends on how full the park is. I have on rare occasions just driven up and got into the full hookup area. There may be openings today but tomorrow they may be full. Usually they have openings but nearly always on the partial hookup side. Read my blog post it's pretty detailed. BnB
  12. scouserl41

    Thousand Trails Zone Pass

    I think the lottery is 9am but at 8am you can go and look at what's becoming free that day. You can call but they dont assign specific sites, its first come first served. BnB
  13. scouserl41

    Thousand Trails Zone Pass

    On the partial hook up side you can maybe get an ATT signal all the way in the back as far as you can get. On the full hookup side there's a spot up by the adult pool where there is an ATT signal but you may need an antenna and signal booster on either side. The "locals" know the spots and they fill up fast. You can usually get into Pio Pico anytime but you end up on the partial hookup side and have to get on the crossover list to move to the good side. Ask the rangers about how the crossover list works. Brian
  14. scouserl41

    camp resorts

    We have recently updated our page on TT Membership based on their latest sales pitch to us. https://banbrv.blogspot.com/2017/11/thousand-trails-good-and-bad.html They claim the Zone Passes are going away. BnB
  15. scouserl41

    Mother Nature's Fury

    We use the weather channel app, it gives out dangerous weather warnings. It scared the C^^p out of us in Texas at about 3 am when the phone started screaming and telling "Tornado warning in Your Area". That was when we realized we need to find out if there is a tornado shelter in the CG when tornado season is on! Happened again in Florida one night and we knew the bathrooms were the storm shelters. If the weather looks bad when we plan to travel we change the plan until it's better. Best tip? If the forecast is bad stay where you are. If the campground is alongside a river and there are flood warnings, LEAVE. If it's too cold go South. If it's too hot go North. Have fun, BnB