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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I think SD you have to renew your DL after 5 years but then you can renew by mail the 2nd time? Somebody will have the latest info. I'll find out next year when our is due for renewal. You can get (and some countries require) an International Driving License, it doesn't replace your regular license but is in an internationally required format. AAA is the source for that too. Thinking back on the many trips we've made thru Europe and the Eastern Bloc before the walls came down, the only documents I've been asked to produce have been Passports, an Insurance Green Card, a Carnet and an International DL. Again requirements vary from country to country and I am fortunate that we've never been involved in an accident or been given a ticket overseas. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! BnB
  2. From personal experience, other countries will not bother with or even recognize the annual registration most countries don't have them, just a title. A friend of ours kept his US registered motorcycle in Europe for years. We were talking to a German police officer and he was fascinated by my Maryland plates and my friends Illinois ones. Then he asked what the little sticker with the date on it was for because mine said July 2006 and my friends said August 2001!! We said that was when the plates were issued and he lost interest. They won't ask for a safety or smog certificate, you are just passing thru their country. Some countries will sell you insurance at the border, liability only. Mexico insists you have insurance which specifically includes their country and it's available online. We got insurance for our US registered motorcycle thru AEG and it covered us in all European countries but .specifically excluded some countries like Bulgaria and Rumania. What a lot of countries will ask for is a Carnet De Passage for your vehicle which ensures you will export the vehicle and not try to sell it while you are in their country. AAA is probably the best source for that kind of info. The Embassies of the various countries you propose to visit will be able to give you specific requirements. For our 2 European trips we started planning over a year in advance. Happy searching. BnB
  3. Camp Pendleton just up the road has Military camping, if you are just looking to store and you are an Elk the Chula Vista elks have lots of space as well as camping. BnB
  4. We have been up there many times, the last time in 2016 http://banbrv.blogspot.com/2016/09/wandering-around-maine.html. There are lots of facilities, the roads are good, scenery spectacular. Yu really can't go wrong. Get there early because the colors don't happen on a strict schedule so you may have to wait a week or so to see them best. We love Vermont best but it you like seafood especially Lobster then Maine is great too. Try signing up for the Chapter 3 Lobster Rally and take in the Rockland Lobster fest. Mmm, my mouth is watering already!! BnB
  5. You need to search for the adventure website that the European Overlanders have. They roam the planet for years in vehicles registered in Europe. You see them here in the US too big 4 and 6 wheel drive monsters. We don't seem to be that deeply into exploration from this side of the pond. BnB
  6. No to towing? Never had a manual so dont know. The automatics can but the transmission is junk wether you tow it or not.
  7. I bet you will look at your photos more often when you digitize them than when they were if albums for years! I look at them when my relatives and friends mention some event on Face Book or have an anniversary coming up. They are constantly amazed that I still have those pictures and I often get asked for copies. BnB
  8. We full time because we love to travel and meet new people. We can afford to live in a S&B but it ties us to the same places all the time. We travelled and camped all our working lives, by motorcycle, by car when the kids came along. We were never "Vacationers", sitting on a beach or in some nightclub would bore us to death. We had pretty much made up our minds that we wanted to hit the road when we retired. When we camped at weekends and on vacation I always got depressed when it was time to pack up the tent and go home. I dreamed of not having to do that. Too ne able to just move on to a new adventure was a tantalizing dream. At that point we didn't know what we wanted to do was called "Full Timing" or that there was anything like SKP's. We had never owned an RV. Fortunately my DW felt the same way. She was more reluctant to let go of the ties to a fixed home but once we got the process going she got the wanderlust too. After 4 years we have no urge to settle down, we just finished sketching out some ideas for this year and have thoughts for next year and the year after. We are getting "hitch Itch' after 4 months in our "Winter Quarters" BnB
  9. Our Canon 3 in 1 Pixma printer comes with software that splits pictures out so long as there is a 1/8" gap between them when you place them on the scanner bed. BnB
  10. I thought the same thing but we don't have satellite at all and haven't had for several years since we started fulltiming. We thought we might give it a try as we like to watch Formula 1 car racing and it isn't broadcast OTA only on ESPN2. We watched some races last year on Direct TV Now but we found it wasn't very reliable and the DVR feature was hard to use so we ended up with a few races in Spanish! Thanks for the links and tips, they are greatly appreciated, BnB
  11. We just bought a new to us 2009 Monaco with a King dish on the roof. we asked about getting satellite installed and they tell us the dish is no good, a tailgater wont be any good in a couple of months and it's $2100 to update the whole thing to work on HD!! We don't have unlimited data so I guess we'll be watching OTA and DVD's from the thrift stores again!! BnB
  12. Maybe her question is unanswerable? Do you grill people who call whether they are employees of the company they represent or contractors to that company? I certainly dont. Maybe reading the whole blog post I wrote might answer the question? BnB
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