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  1. When is RV season and how much do prices fluctuate?

    From personal experience the buying season in the South (My experience is in AZ) is January thru the end of March. Snowbirds who store their rigs there in the summer are getting ready to put them in storage, sell them or move up to a newer rig. The dealers are getting ready to shut down for the summer as when the snowbirds leave so does their business. By April 1st the place is deserted and want to clear their lots rather than move them to another location such as Florida or California where there are year round buyers We shopped for our rig in February/March and in Yuma there were endless deals to be had from private sales, consignment sales and dealers. Of course cash talks, so be prepared. The other side of this is that there is currently an RV boom going on. I have a personal friend who is a VP in one of the major RV dealers in the south. He was telling me that they can't buy enough RV's to meet demand. They also can't find enough RV Techs to keep up with normal servicing never mind repairs to rigs they've sold. Competition might be pushing prices up. We feel we did well buying our rig at the end of March. BnB
  2. Vicksburg National Military Park

    Thanks for sharing. We were there earlier this year. The thing that struck me as odd was that they are putting up the price of annual and senior passes and the charges for entrance to the most popular parks, yet there was nobody manning the entrance booth at Vicksburg so people were driving in for free. There were lots of Rangers in the visitor center but apparently they were too "Short staffed" to keep the booth manned??? I really liked the "Cairo" exhibit being an old retired shipyard worker. BnB
  3. 58th Escapade?

    Thanks I'll drop them a line. Brian
  4. Workamper News Article!

    Dreams DO come true! Great article BnB
  5. How to contact tech support

    I've been sending them messages for months with no reply. I can't figure out why I can't post to the SPK blog section when I get other peoples posts and often 3 or 4 copies of the same post. I get a fatal error message every time which I copied into the message I even called in at Livingston but was told to "Go to the website and send them a message" No reply and no acknowledgement of receiving the messages. Very frustrating.
  6. Domicile Question

    we picked SD for the same reasons, no inspections, easy dealing with DMV and we're happy with it. But we're retired and on Medicare. BnB
  7. Dinghy/Toad

    Thanks jcussen, we really wanted a Fit in 2012 but the annoying Southern California Honda dealers with all their sales tricks and stupid add-ons ticked me off so bad we bought a Fiesta instead, which we have bitterly regretted. Once we get thru the law suit against Ford we'll be shopping again and the DW wants an automatic. BnB
  8. Dinghy/Toad

    Coincidentally DON'T buy a Ford Focus or Fiesta with the automatic transmission. We bought one because Ford said it was towable without modifications and they are BUT the transmissions have massive problems and there is a huge lawsuit over it. Ford are keeping it very quiet.
  9. Dinghy/Toad

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the Honda Fit with an automatic transmission can't be towed flat? Brian
  10. Renting to try out

    Instead of renting one just haunt the RV Dealers and Shows and insist on being left alone in one as long as you want. Take a notenbook and a camera then act out the things you will do on a daily basis. Watching TV, cooking, washing dishes, taking a shower, laying on the bed, getting in and out of the rig. Make notes of what you like and what you don't then take photo's of the inside and outside of each rig. Look at LOTS of different models and build up a portfolio so you can refer back to it when you see something new. After a while you'll narrow down a few "Key" features you want and you'll be able to eliminate a bunch of rigs simply by your list of likes and dislikes. That'll save a lot of time. The list is there to remind you of what you've seen and avoid seeing the same type over and over. There are so many on the market you soon forget what has what. Sure rent a class A, there are companies ho will set one up for you on a campsite so you just roll up and camp. It isn't cheap but compared to buying a rig you don't like after a month or so and selling it, it WILL be cheap! RV Boot Camp is a great resource especially if you haven't bought an RV yet. We did it before we bought our class A and it opened ur eyes. The big thing we learned was that the average RV'er buys 3 RV's before they get the one they actually want. Unless you're a very skilled negotiator the buying and selling of 3 RV's is going to be EXPENSIVE! Figure out what you want BEFORE you buy. Here's how we did it. http://banbrv.blogspot.com/2014/11/you-can-get-there-from-here.html BnB
  11. 58th Escapade?

    I'm willing to do a painting class again this year if the craft area organizers would like to contact me. Unfortunately I don't have any contact info for them. http://banbrv.blogspot.com/2016/07/escapades.html Brian
  12. Drop KOA Value club Membership

    We rarely use KOA's because in our experience they aren't good value for money. BUT sometimes there is no alternative such as when we wanted to stay near friends and relatives in Maryland and stopped at the hideously expensive Millersville "National Capital" park. We bought a 1 year membership at check in because the discount more than paid for the membership. It was just "Location, location, location" for us as we used to live around the corner from there and still have lots of friends there. What surprised us was that after you spend so much with KOA they give you an annual membership FREE. That Millersville park was around $90 A NIGHT and we ended up with 2 year membership which coincidentally we will use this weekend for a discount at a park in TX when we visit friends who live very close to that park. So my advice is buy a membership at check in if it's going to pay for itself, but don't buy one is you aren't certain you will use it.
  13. Real Newbies

    If it helps we went thru the same things you are and will be doing. I created a blog on how we did things and our progress since which starts here: http://banbrv.blogspot.com/2014/11/stepping-up-to-plate.html We have learned so much in the last 2 1/2 years and it still keeps coming. Hope you have as much fun as we've had! Brian and Barbara (BnB)
  14. The problem you will have is that the carpet and backer is thicker than the wood floor. That will leave the toilet "Rocking" when the DW sits on it. Beware also of using the wood floor in the bathroom as it isn't waterproof and will swell up after a few months of spills and splashes. This is from my personal experience!! http://banbrv.blogspot.com/2015/06/bathroom-renovations-gone-wild.html BnB
  15. What "IS" a Rally

    The dictionary definition is "A gathering of friends". Naturally this could mean a small gathering of friends or a HUGE gathering of friends. Most friends have a common interest that brought the together. That could be anything from a liking for a particular brand of tea to a liking for a particular lifestyle. Some rallies are just a place to camp with these friends so you can sit around a campfire and talk about your common interest. Others are highly organized events with things going on at all times of the day, vendors who specialize in things for your interest and even people selling complete multi million dollar "Things" that you may be interested in. So what kind of thing might YOU be interested in? Do you like crowds? Are you looking to buy things? Are you interested in sitting thru seminars to learn more about your interests? Most rallies have a schedule of events. Most rallies have websites that you can use to view the previous events. From those you can find if it might be something that interests you. We like small, non commercial events (Usually SKP's Chapter events) where we sit around and just chat. Maybe we'll go eat dinner somewhere locally. Then we'll go our own way. Even as strangers the first time we'll be welcomed and introduced to everyone so that at the end of the weekend/week we'll know 3 or 4 other couples fairly well and several more enough to be comfortable next time we meet. After going to the same event for a couple of years we'll feel like we're with old friends even though we don't know everyone that well. You don't have to be anyone except yourself to be accepted at a small rally and we like it that way. BnB