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  1. Good evening, I purchased my first camper trailer (2021 coachmen clipper 12.0 TD XL Off-road) and will primarily be using it for boondocking. While I’ll be using solar for the most part to power small things such as lights or the stereo I know that once it gets hot I’ll need to use my AC. The camper has a 5,000 btu AC unit in it and my mind is spinning trying to figure out what size of inverter generator I should be looking into. Honda and Yamaha are running to the front but I have no idea how big I really need to go. Any advise? Thank you all!! Edited for spelling errors
  2. $44,900 Currently located in Southern Minnesota. Due to COVID I had to transfer positions and no longer working remotely. I may drive RIG down to Utah vicinity for sale/exchange. I have a RAM 2018 Laramie truck with Anderson Hitch, would consider a package deal. I am original "solo" owner of this 5th wheel, customer ordered to work remotely and travel. Please email inquiries 435-990-1130
  3. 2018 Keystone Montana 3820FK Front Kitchen - Boondock-Ready, Ideal for TeleWorking $69,900 Excellent condition, Montana Legacy Edition 3820FK (Front Kitchen), full-time certified, four-season capable, with upgraded MORryde suspension, hitch, and stairs, plus “iN-Command” touchscreen and iPhone RV control system. I’ll describe the RV below, but first let’s review the extras that we’ve added after we bought the RV from Keystone. This RV has a whole collection of custom stuff perfectly set up for remote tele-working and boondocking. Here’s a list of the extras: Onan Cummins
  4. We are making big changes this year and are slowing down our adventures as we become seasonal campers down in Silver City NM! We'll still travel some, mostly in the winter happily! Our trustworthy Volvo "Gar" is now going up for sale . We just placed our ad in the "RV's, Tows, and Toads for Sale " section of the Escapees forum. 2001 Volvo VNL 64T660 singled long and setup for several deck bed toys with a lifting bed. Please see our ad for more information. THANK YOU ALL! - Steve
  5. Hello, I hope this is in correct place to ask this. I have a very small travel trailer, cheap little Sportsman, and it has a 8,000 BTU air conditioner. What size generator do I need to run this little 14 ft trailer in the woods and forests? Do you know of the quietest one and do you know is there specifications on safety concerns in Nat'l parks etc? The generator will probably stay in the bed of truck [I think] Thank you for your time and any info. Snort
  6. I have a 2002 Winnebago Adventurer I purchase new which has a 5.5KW Onan Generator (original). It sat in storage for 18 months unused. The generator started fine when I got it out of storage and will run as long as the RV engine is running and I'm driving. If I stop, say at a rest area, shut the engine off and leave the generator running, it will stall anywhere from 5-15 minutes later. I can usually restart it but it will stall more quickly, 1-5 minutes. As soon as I start up the RV engine and get back on the road, I can start the generator and it will run until I stop again 2-3 hours lat
  7. I've been looking for a Toyota Sunrader, and notice almost none of them have generators. Is one very important? How much should I allow for the cost of one in an RV I'm looking at? Is it easier to buy one and add it to an RV, or is a portable one a better idea? Any recommendations on a good portable? I just want to be able to run the AC or the microwave(for popcorn, of course). Sorry for all the questions, thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I am new to the community. I’m going to be moving into my small RV in the next few months. The refrigerator is not working and it will cost to much to be replaced. I am trying to keep the spending down as much as possible. What are your thoughts on putting in a small garage/patio type unit like cubic 3 ft. A/C freezer refrigerator in its place? They vary in electric usage from $26 to $13 a year and from 197 kWh so 138 k a year. And I will be Boondocking probably 90% of the time for 6 months of the year and on my property with electricity the other six months. I have only one larg
  9. I am looking into buying a Generator for my RV when Boondocking and keeping it on my acreage. Any advice? I have my eye on a Champion 3400 Duel Fuel Gas/Propane Generator based on my research. It needs to be able to power a 13,500 BTU AC unit. Thanks.
  10. I have had several RV's, all came with a generator, 4000w. Now I have a 5th wheel with NO generator. What do I look for in a portable? I have a 13,500 AC. How many decibels is reasonable? Is an inverted as good as a generator? I know folks talk about Hondas, but how about the ones we can by from Harbor Frieight, $300.00 verses $2,000 just an ol farm boy.
  11. I'm getting hit and miss information on the Champion 3,400-Watt Dual Fuel generator. I need something for summer overnight boondocking to run a 15k BTU air conditioner in the 5th wheel. Propane is a cool option, but no problem burning gas for the extra wattage. Anyone used this generator/inverter?
  12. On my last trip, while running AC on generator, it blew a bearing. What a noise. A local mechanic removed, fixed and replaced the generator. It runs great when started from the generator itself. But when I started it from inside the camper, it ran very rough and did not beep to let me know it was ready to turn on the AC. No other electric items come on either. He has not been able to find the problem yet. Gasoline is good, Converter appears good. Any ideas?
  13. Installed complete solar system in my 2015 RV & no longer need its OEM gasoline powered Cummins Onan RV QG 4000 (4KW) generator. $1,500.00 OBO. Only 90 hours total time. Not really broken in yet. Said to run a 13.5K BTU AC but ran my 15.0K unit just fine. Can't show pix of unit or manufacturer's label due to forum post space limitations. See http://tinyurl.com/ydb54m62 to confirm $2,800.00 price new & see a picture, detailed specs & manuals (owner's, service & installation). -- Model 4.0KYFA-26100; weighs 172 lbs; measures 30.0" L x 19.7" W x 14.4" H. -- Sou
  14. We bought a 36' Rexhall Rexair RV two years ago and it was fine when we took short trips but now that we want to on the road more my husband doesn't want to drive the RV alone. So we bought a nice used Ford E150 Conversion Van and plan on making that our travel vehicle and live in the large RV. We need to put in a rooftop air conditioner because we have dogs that travel with us and I want them to be comfortable in the back of the van. Any particular brand I should ask for when getting a quote? Also want to get a generator but don't know if I want to get a portable Honda or a Onan b
  15. Not sure where to put this so I will start in the General area. We have been living fulltime in our 38' 5er for about 6 years. In saying that we have only moved it 3 times. We are now getting ready to start traveling. Over the next two years we plan on visiting at least 25 states. On many of our stops we plan on volunteering and or workamping for at least a month. Maybe some places up to 4 or 5 months. I am making sure that the 5er and truck are all ready to make the trip, but I have some questions. I have only two 6 volt batteries in my 5er, I am thinking of changing them
  16. My 8kw Onan Diesel generator has been working fine, when I push the pre-heat switch it goes "tickety-tickety" and after about 15 seconds fires right up. This week while running it, it started to emit more of a "clunking" sound, very rythmic and regular (and pretty loud). I shut it down, today checked the oil level (clean and full) and when I pushed the Preheat button again to try staring, this time it gave off the "clunking" sound instead of the quiet purr of the normal "tickety-tickety". Any ideas on what might be the problem? I didn't leave the preheat button pushed long enough to try
  17. I just posted a blog about us having generator issues in our used 1994 Fleetwood Flair. The Onan 4000 (picture attached) worked when we first purchased the RV, so we know it's capable of working. The first time we visited the RV in storage one week later, the generator also still worked. But by the second visit, a mere two weeks into purchasing the RV, the generator would not sustain. Even as we let the motpr run and charged our batteries, the generator would still not remain on. We tweaked what we could on the generator and tried starting it from the outside as well as the inside but no l
  18. 2009 Heartland Cyclone model 4012. 41' toyhauler has a separate 8 x 12 garage. Can sleep 10+ has 4 queen beds and 2 couches. 1 queen bed in separate master bedroom, 2 queen beds that slide down from ceiling in the enclosed garage, 1 queen bed in a loft in the living room, and 2 couches. Also has a large storage loft over the kitchen - I have never seen this in another camper. Has remote start 5kw Onan generator (start from inside the camper). Has all the normal luxuries of a Heartland toyhauler too numerous to mention. E-mail for questions. $40,000 I know it can be hard to find a truck to pul
  19. 2009 Heartland Cyclone model 4012. 41' toyhauler has a separate 8 x 12 garage. Can sleep 10+ has 4 queen beds and 2 couches. 1 queen bed in separate master bedroom, 2 queen beds that slide down from ceiling in the enclosed garage, 1 queen bed in a loft in the living room, and 2 couches. Also has a large storage loft over the kitchen - I have never seen this in another camper. Has remote start 5kw Onan generator (start from inside the camper). Has all the normal luxuries of a Heartland toyhauler too numerous to mention. E-mail ericandsusan1@yahoo.com for questions. $42,000 I know it can be har
  20. Selling, unopened, new in the box, never been run, Yamaha EF2000i Inverter Generator. Thought I could parallel with my Honda, but found out I could not before opening box. Purchased from private party seller who got it with the purchase of his new travel trailer. Currently in Livingston, TX, until next week 2/11; then headed east towards Atlanta, GA, then down to Florida for a month or so, then back north for the summer. Great price $850, contact me at 907-306-xxxx
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