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  1. Yeah, that's the problem. Must be automatic. Don't want to mess with manual. Wish that Honda, Acura, and Toyota offered more vehicles with automatic that could flat tow. These all have great long term value with little maintenance. Have heard great things about the Acura ILX as far as resale value and great gas mileage (36 mpg hwy). Would have to have a trailer though. May have to settle for a Jeep if I flat tow.
  2. Thanks all. Lots of options. One video channel I keep up with is a quirky mechanic who has experience with lots of vehicle brands over the years. Scotty Kilmer on YouTube. He's also entertaining, lol. Wish the 4Runner was easy to tow.
  3. Am considering getting a motorhome and then a tow vehicle. Have heard that a Jeep Wrangler is good. An SUV would be good for the room. Like the Toyota 4Runner but don't think it can be towed without a lift or trailer. Want one with automatic transmission that I can pull along and don't need on a lift or trailer.
  4. Well have had my F250 many years and it seems to drink up the diesel in driving around town, plus they are more expensive to maintain. Maybe the newer ones have improved on the mileage. Haven't decided what size trailer, fifth wheel, or all in one to get.
  5. So a little about myself. Some 20 years ago I fulltimed and was an Escapee. Lot of fun. Getting a divorce and looking to get a used fifth wheel or other that is smaller than the Titanium that we last had that is solidly built and good for fulltiming. Will likely not be staying in frigid areas, but if there is additional insulation for such that is a plus. I'm not up on the RV makers these days. I know there have been mergers and such. Plan to sell my older F-250 and get a gas truck with better gas mileage as diesel is pricey. I sell online on Amazon and other sites so would be using for business as well. Have looked at the Sprinters but they are pricey and too small. Suggestions anyone?
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