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  1. So what did you hooligans settle on? 🛴 Spot
  2. ^ agree, the roof is more useful in other ways with lower & lighter items Spot
  3. The question was on the test, answers incorrect, FAIL. Spot
  4. answer the question as presented
  5. While driving the light setting isn't an issue but very well could be as you back into the site with the headlights on the neighbors. Have a look at your headlight switch & see if the camera works without the headlights on. As mentioned, I'm not referring to the auto setting or the headlight setting. There should be another light setting that will run the camera without the headlights, helpful in neighbor relations. This is all new to you & I'm simply trying to help Spot
  6. It's not my view, I have none on the topic. I'm sharing some of what I've read. This can relate to many purchases. Let's say Kirk needs to buy four shirts. Walmart has some for $7 each & Duluth Trading has some for $30 each. Which of these two stores will you shop? Spot
  7. The fumes come to mind along with the bouncing. When station wagons had rear windows that opened, there was an air foil mounted at the rear of the roof rack to bring the overhead fresh air in to battle the fumes coming up within the air eddy behind the vehicle. This air foil doesn't apply to SUVs as the back window doesn't go down, so the fumes and road schmegma come up a make dirty the SUV backside, and prolly is no good for doggie either. Should be laws against these folks procreating, natural selection apparently has a loophole. Spot
  8. Yes, the lights at the top of the trailer are the running lights/marker lights that get activated one click shy of the headlights. Give it a try next time you get a chance as I'm interested. Spot
  9. I'm interested on what you could report after the rally Overhearing conversations at shows as we walk by folks validates this, and in my mind I wish them well as I battle the urge to butt in and share some truths From what I read on forums folks are seeking used RVs with the thought that new ones are junk. I've seen the year 2014 given as the point of downslide. The issues with the RVs may also have been handled with a used unit and this could also be a plus for the used market in their eyes as well. I read of a reluctance to enter the crapshoot in getting a new RV. What isn't helping matters is the friction between manufacturer and dealer regarding repairs that we often hear about. If I'm in an area and looking for something to do, sometimes I'll venture in to a dealership just to browse and many times get in to a conversation on that matter. This struggle flows downhill to the consumer inevitably, even as some dealers try their best to have a happy customer. After all, reputation and referrals go a long way in running a business. Spot
  10. LOVE IT! What an entertaining and realistic read. On #15, so then I'll stop using the smoke alarm as a timer And on #19, I thought just the parking lights activated the cameras. Spot
  11. ^ Sounds like a splendid plan. We generally learn what we like and dislike, among other things, about an RV on the first one or two. Spot
  12. A thought and offered in kindness; you've been looking at this trailer and seem attracted to it. The seller may not have had much interest from folks regarding this trailer till you. You like it and that's perfectly fine, but it doesn't appeal to me. Again in kindness and with the idea that our viewpoints (likes & dislikes) are subjective, but if I were to see this at a show I might peek in and then would just walk by, it simply doesn't appeal to me. And if I'm not alone, as in the seller not getting much interest in it, the prospect of getting it off the lot is very real with you. The price reduction and then the additional $1K off says they want to sell it, but there just may be something more. Given their desire to get it off the lot along with having a potential buyer, offer $11K cash. This only after reading the previous post & NADA link as I was leaning toward $10K cash and then possibly going up to $11K. Starting at $11K seems reasonable and if you go up to $12K as a compromise perhaps buyer & seller both win. Spot
  13. https://www.rvkayakracks.com/ I've just seen this one on the back of an RV just the other day. They're both happy with it, he compared it to some others... note the ground clearance and the tray at the bottom, both improvements over other types. Another feature they like is bikes too! With bikes, kayaks, and rack weight they are still under the vertical weight limit of the hitch. Spot
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