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  1. 2011 Coachmen Freelander 27qb Class C Ford 450 V-10 28 ft. One slide Well maintained, service records available $39,500.00. 70,250 miles 530-262-9888 mblair1951@gmail.com Located in Redding, Calif Also listed on RV Trader with several photos.
  2. Does anyone have a great app for showing the bandwidth on my phone? I went to the App Store but there are so many and I was hoping that someone could recommend one. I want to check the bandwidth on my phone before I order a Wi-Fi booster to make sure I get one that is compatible. I am totally clueless about these things but want to increase my internet. I have Verizon phone service and IPhone 6plus. I would appreciate any help anyone could give. Thank you in advance. Maggie
  3. Wow! Thanks for the info. A fella down the way has one and I can’t get Internet. Now I know why! Thanks again. I contacted Amazon to let them know too. They need to pull this product!
  4. I am researching WiFi boosters and wondering if anyone uses the Anycall A? I have Verizon service. This one looks easy to install. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information you can share. Maggie
  5. Thank you SO much. This is exactly the type of info I was searching for! 😊👍🏼
  6. Thank you Dutch! I was a bit confused and looking for Dish TV. 😊 I’m wondering about the ease of setting up and if people are happy with this satellite dish. thanks again.
  7. I have a new smart tv but I’m not sure if it’s a Dish TV. The brand is Vizeo.
  8. I have zero experience with satellite tv, but I’m ready to learn. Has anyone purchased the Dish Playmaker? If so could you let me know your experience and if this is easy to use? Also, are you happy with the setup? Thanks in advance, Maggie
  9. Used. I can’t afford a new one.
  10. Thank you Kirk. The weight is a problem. The RV is a Itasca 27 Sunstar but it might be 28 ft. Thanks again
  11. Thank you. The weight is a big issue.
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