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  1. Mobley problems

    We are still depending upon our Mobley as our sole form of internet access while recovering from Harvey. Mobley solely no router. How do you determine the 5 device limit?
  2. Thanks a lot for the information. As you can imagine the files being transferred back and forth are sometimes VERY large not to mention the ordering and scheduling on line deliveries. One of the agencies, not going to mention the specific one, will not accept our dropbox pictures so we have to send the pictures one by one with a date stamp. We will just keep plugging away. I want to make sure we don’t miss a flood related item. Heck we may even come 11/15 we may even stream a movie or something like that.
  3. Since August 30th we’ve been in our 2014 Northwood Nash 17K recovering from loss of the contents, sheet rock etc. at our home 20 from Harvey. Our sole form of internet access has been and will remain until probably year end 2017 the ZTE. September, October and November we received a message from AT&T stating in part “Your automotive Wi-Fi data usage this month has reached 16.5GB. If you exceed 22GB before your next cycle on MM/15/2017, you can still use unlimited data however your speeds may be reduced at times and in areas with network congestion.” This activity is not streaming TV shows and movies but actual Harvey communications and related activity. Very large files being transferred between FEMA and Flood Insurance. My question is, has anybody received these messages and if so has AT&T actually reduced speeds at times and in areas with network congestion? Our home 20 very close to Houston.
  4. Saving caulking tubes

    Last summer the crew that put in the new windows at the recreation hall where I volunteer used see link to large wing wire connectors. They said just screw them on like normal, plus the wing wire connectors help keep the tube neck clean. They used them on all the chalk tube like containers including silicon/liquid nails tubes for months.
  5. Their this guy who has a tract of land next to my bug out location. It's a maybe a 2010/2011. I know he has modified his Volt to supplement his battery bank when there is insufficient solar. He's kind of a recluse but next time our paths cross I'll see if he can share what he has done. Last time we talked he said the one of his concerns was the petrol going bad in the tank since when he drives it's normally less than a 60 -70 mile round trip. At that time he was trying to get the Volt's petrol engine to run off either propane or natural gas. As soon as I can find a dealer that has a 2016 Volt in stock with the full back seat so it can carry 5 people I'll probably go and look at it.
  6. Millenicom Replacement ?

    Well now I don't know whats going on. At 0936 on 09/17 I got a recall email request HSVWiFi would like to recall the message, "OmniLynx Wireless - Order Update".
  7. Millenicom Replacement ?

    Ordered 9/11 I just got this 9/17. Dear OmniLynx Customer, Due to the large number of orders our office has recently received, the wireless device inventory is currently on backorder. Because we have not been provided with an approximate date for delivery by the supplier at this time, we offer the following accommodations for your account(s): 1) You may request a refund of your first month’s payment , which will be processed via PayPal. This should be done via emailed response to this message. Please include your order number and name in this email. 2) We will hold onto your first month’s payment and process your order as soon as devices are received. If at any point you decide the delay in delivery of equipment is too lengthy, you may request a refund. In the event we do not receive an emailed request for refund, we will continue to hold your initial payment and will process your order upon receipt of the inventory. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding in the matter. OmniLynx Staff