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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Deflection at it's finest. Done with you, whiner.
  2. I have not priced toppers in several years, but it seems to me you could replace the seals every few years for the price of the toppers.
  3. Here is the aftermath. When the proposal first came out, I read it to mean it targeted those who were getting disability because they could not work and were also getting social security because of age. Some may call that double dipping, IDK. Some may have felt the vets were living beyond their means if they needed both benefits to survive. Never much detail in the news, only what the reporter/editors want people to know. Regardless, it looks like the money will come from somewhere else.
  4. You can cherry pick all you want. Better yet, why not do a search of the forum. You will find more than one thread arguing wear out vs age out. Or, you can keep playing the victim. And something tells me you never bothered to read thru the various tire articles on that site I posted for you in that other thread. There is at least one article about tire age vs wear. Not to mention several articles about cold psi, which is one aspect of tires you couldn't fathom.
  5. Since this site is all about information sharing, I would love to know what the "relatively inexpensive option" is.
  6. Are you REALLY implying it would be better to allow a bad guy to KILL YOU than to save your own life? Is that what you're meaning here?
  7. What is your definition of "soon"? Nat CCW isn't even on the agenda.
  8. Biggest waste of 1s and 0s in this thread.
  9. I'm going to mention an alternate route that may or may not piss you (or someone else) off. Euthanize kitty before your trip. Yes, I know it sucks, BTDT several times. How much stress do you want to put on kitty...and yourself? Our first kitty went into kidney failure. She was a sweet little girl. Our last kitty that died had thyroid issues and was diabetic. We kept her going a long time with meds and such. She eventually had a neurologic episode while we were on a trip and we put her down about 4 days later after spending a lot at an emergency vet. I know it is hard. But, how much stress do you want to live with. When kitty doesn't make it to the littler box, kitty will be upset and so will you. Not kitty's fault and you know it, but you'll still be a little miffed, especially the 4th or 5th time it happens. Whatever you do, give kitty lots of love and remember the good times.
  10. Be very careful giving legal advice unless you are a lawyer. IIRC, CT claims out of state residents who stop in the state (overnight or longer) have no rights to keep a gun. I do not travel into New England anymore so it doesn't matter to me. But if I did, I would read and carry the most current edition of this;
  11. Really??? Good luck with that.
  12. It is funny that my WWII vet uncle has nothing but praise for the VA, including the VA clinic I dread using. Could be different expectations, IDK.
  13. I only use them for my service connected reasons. I have Tricare Prime and prefer my civilian PCM head and shoulders over my local VA clinic. As has been mentioned in this thread, and in numerous news stories over the past 5 years, the level of care varies greatly from one location to another.
  14. Bought a 5er from LazyDays in Seffner, Fl once. Once. Great buying experience, LOUSY warranty service. Will NEVER deal with that company again. EVER!!
  15. Finding a bathroom for a pit stop while traveling is ridiculously easy. You see a gas station, I bet it has a bathroom. Use the restroom, buy something on the way out, and you have met the "Restrooms are for customers only" policy. There are also rest areas on most interstates. Remote camp grounds likely will have pit toilets but not showers. As for getting up in the middle of the night in a rain storm, consider how often that will happen and if the cost is worth it. You mention traveling with your dog. Where will your dog be when you're showering at a truck stop or the Y? Probably the same place your dog will be when your're grocery shopping. Is a Sprinter a better fit for you than a slide-in truck camper?