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  1. Our fifth wheel has a small window on each side of the bed in the bed slide sides and two much larger windows at the foot of the bed. If we want a nice breeze we'll open the two small windows beside the bed and turn on Fantastic fan downstairs on exhaust so a cool breeze is sucked in the open windows across the bed. Greg
  2. We had one rear Big Foot fail to retract while in Utah a few years ago. I called Quadra late in the afternoon and they talked me through troubleshooting and then swapping the up and down hydraulic lines that fixed the problem which never returned. We stopped at Quadra a few months later and had them check it out but no problem found and no more failures. Their phone support is very excellent. Greg
  3. Quadra does good work,has access to all the parts, and experienced workers. If you can't go to White Pigeon ask them for installer recommendation. Greg
  4. 6000 pound 30 foot fifth wheel? That's awfully light weight. You want to use the loaded pin weight. As said above you need the correct engine, transmission, rear end combination and be very careful of the specific trucks towing specs. Greg
  5. Can you go to another dealer who services your Highland Ridge/Jayco? I would raise hell with the manufacturer to have them MAKE the dealer respond. Is there a lemon law in your state? If so and the dealer wanted the unit and didn't do the works for 2 or 3 months that might be sufficient time to use the lemon law. Is there a Highland Ridge owners forum where you can get others thoughts that had the same difficulty? We are fortunate that NuWa (now Kansas RV Center) has their own service department for warranty and non warranty service. Being full timers we plan our travels to include Chanute, Kansas if we need service. Greg
  6. We had the clear plastic Diamond Shield installed on the front bottom under the fifth wheel overhang 5 years ago during a full body paint job. No mold or discoloration but rocks still chipped the paint and scratched the plastic. We had the painter remove it last month and replace with a painted textured coating along with a few more touch up things. The entire touch up work was $750. Greg
  7. We installed a residential fridge 3.5 years ago. We have no inverter and our longest travel day has been 9+ hours. We usually don't open the fridge doors while traveling and have never had a problem and my wife is picky about food quality. When we had the sticks & bricks years ago we would lose power in winter storms for hours and sometimes a day. We never had problems then either if the doors were kept shut. I did install a generator after power was out for over a day (it got real cold inside the house) but have never felt a need to power the fridge in the RV when we travel, the normal travel day is 5 or 6 hours. Greg edit.....if I felt I needed an inverter I could have installed one but after 3+ years don't feel the need.
  8. When our Dometic 8 cu ft fridge died in 2013 we replaced it with a 10.7 cu ft fridge from Sears. The door has storage and sticks out about 5" but it's not an issue. The only cabinet mod was removing 1/4" on the left side of the cabinet and making 2 notches on the left side for the new fridge's hinges. Very easy and the new fridge is a tight fit so it's not going anywhere. We use a large bungee cord from the top cabinet to the furnace compartment below to hold the door closed when traveling. The fridge cost was $425. We gained a lot of fridge space and now have a very cold freezer. We have no inverter as we do not boondock, our longest travel day was 9+ hours and everything was fine and my wife is picky about food. If we every did boondock or go to Alaska I'd buy a small 1000 watt Honda generator and run it as needed. This was the right decision for us. Greg
  9. When I get new tires for our fifth wheel I tell them I will accept only tires 6 months old or less and I will check them before they are installed. We are on our third set, both replacement sets (made in the USA) have been less than 2 months old. The current set less than 1 month. The original tires were about 4 months old. Trailer Tire & Wheels has good turnover and fresh tires from my experience. Greg
  10. And folks are often looking for used RVs so the old info might not be old. Greg
  11. If you do a search in the forum you will find several threads inquiring about recommended fifth wheels with tons of info and suggestions. Greg
  12. I purchased a 4"x6" 8 or 10 foot long treated lumber post. I cut it into 8 equal length sections, drilled 2 holes in each section and bolted 2 sections together with long bolts. I then attached a metal handle to each of the 4 and carry them in a milk crate in the truck bed when traveling. They are indestructible and have worked for years. Greg
  13. We have Allied/Nationwide covering our fifth wheel and have an "Agreed Value" policy which was the purchase price. I'm sure I couldn't replace it today even at the original purchase price but that's far better than the current NADA value. For the Agreed Value I'm willing to pay a higher premium. Greg
  14. Another recommendation for hoses from the RV Water Filter Store, ours are 8+ years old and never a problem. It's white outside with a clear inner hose, you will pay more but they last a loooong time. Greg
  15. What state?