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  1. I respect that HDT owners love their trucks and believe it's the best tow vehicle, for them it is. It is not the best tow vehicle for everyone. We do not want to climb in and out of such a tall vehicle, I do not want it as a daily driver, I do not want to load a small second vehicle onto a HDT, I am not familiar or comfortable with the mechanics or maintenance of a HDT, I don't want to park an HDT in carefully selected campgrounds, our F350 rides great and has all the creature comforts of a quality car. I am glad that so many like their HDT but it's not for me and many others. Please don't try to convince me (and probably many others) otherwise. Greg
  2. tank

    I've had no troubles getting an installation, our 70 gallon tank/toolbox was installed in 2006 by Catlin Truck Accessories in Jacksonville. FL. It was their own system with a 12v pump and filter pumping into the fuel filler neck. The switch is in the cab along with a the fuel level gauge. I had the system moved from the 2007 to the 2014 F350 by a trusted mechanic in Robertsdale, AL. I would think a good mechanic in OH should be able to do the work for you but might charge more as it's out of the ordinary. Greg
  3. You can also find more Forest River info below. Forest River Forums: iRV2 Forest River forum: Forest River Owners Group:
  4. We have a 70 gallon auxiliary diesel tank and toolbox combo in the truck bed. We unhook every 2 or 3 days and go out to eat and fuel at local less expensive stations. It has a 12v pump and spin on filter under the bed to move diesel to the main tank. We don't have to travel the expressway to use a truck stop. Greg
  5. I believe the OP choice of a 2013 Chevrolet diesel 3500HD 2WD, DRW to tow his 2015 Canyon Trail with 4 slides is a good decision. Not knowing the model and looking at what comes close it looks like 15000 pound GVWR and going heavy estimate 3300 pin weight. No way is a MDT or HDT required. Greg
  6. I know a few RVers will spend winter time in the north, I've seen snow skiers asking your question too. Being in an RV at -20 is something I would never ever consider. Greg
  7. We have no troubles, not any different really in the past 10 years to me. If you are going to a tourist area or during a holiday or summer weekends yes, make a reservation. We also avoid larger cities so nearby metro campgrounds might be busier. We will call a campground mid morning while traveling to reserve a site that evening, we usually arrive about 2pm. When we hole up over the winter we'll also make a reservation for winter season as the most popular snowbird campgrounds will fill up but there are always others not as popular. We haven't curtailed our travels and have no thoughts to. Greg
  8. If you don't have the documentation to set up the Pressure Pro system here's a link to their website and installation instructions. I replaced our sensors at 7 years as they stated to die. I considered replacing the Pressure Pro with another system at that time but decided to keep it because we trusted it and I didn't want to replace batteries annually in some of the other systems. If these last 7 years they will outlast me! I did have to add a repeater years ago as the rear sensors intermittently dropped out. Zero problems since the repeater was added. Greg
  9. Not all RV forums have ads. The forum has no ads. It's funding comes from the users and it is very very inexpensive. Greg
  10. We are on second set of sensors, I replaced the originals after 6 or 7 years. I used the second link below and was pleased with their service. Greg
  11. I understand the reason for the ads but am disappointed that the Escapees has decided to "follow the crowd" by allowing ads. Greg
  12. A 6.7L will have all the power you need, flatland or mountains. I'd be very careful of the pin weight. Forget the UVW and use the 14K GVWR of the fifth wheel. The pin weight can be 20% so that would be 2800 pounds. Add that to the hitch weight and what ever else you'll have in the trucks bed and check it's payload capacity. You can easily be over 3K pounds in the bed. My 2 cents would be a Dually long box for safety margin and possible future growth. Our 17K fifth wheel has a pin weight of 3800 pounds.....over 22% of the RV weight. Be leery of the manufacturers pin weight specs. Airbags......they can be easily added if needed after you try towing without them. I wouldn't be concerned about the trailer length, be concerned about it's weight and especially REAL pin weight plus whatever else is in the truck bed.
  13. I use a $5 "wand" that screws onto the end of a garden hose and stick it into the drain hole. It's angled at the end so you can rotate it to flush around the tank inside. I'd be a little concerned about a power washer even on a low setting. Greg
  14. I'm not sure if it's my PC set up or if the forum has changed again. When reading a topic the text use to go completely across the width of my screen. Now it goes about 3/4 across the screen and the right side has ads then scrolling down they change to "Topics" then "Posts". I can't figure out what the "Topics" and "Posts" is for. Greg
  15. Hi Don, I doubt the water had anything to do with the tape as it was raining while we were there too. I had a devil of a time backing the fifth wheel into their shop one day. Our HitchHiker was painted with automotive paint then 3 coats of clear coat. Greg