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1984 Winnebago Chieftain transmission not engaging

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I have a 1984 Chieftain that has been sitting for 10 years, but it did start and drive around the yard. But today when I tried it the transmission wouldn't engage. It would rev up while in gear, but no response from the trans in any gear. Linkage is all good. Anyone have any suggestions to try?

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If you can check the fluid level. 

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When cold the ATF should be at the low line, when you get it driveable and the transmission is hot, only then should it read full.

After sitting 10 years the seals are dried out and probably leaking.


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I believe that you have a GM, P-30 chassis and this link is for the chassis service manual.

If you do not have one, here is a copy of the brochure that you can also download.

I do believe that this owner's manual is also for your motorhome. 

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  Sitting for 10 years !!!!!!! Like others said check the tranny fluid ?? While in general Im NOT a fan of snake oils, I have used Lucas Tranny Fluid additive and to my pleasant surprise it actually worked !!!!!!!!!! and may help lube or soften up some seals ???  See what any transmission experts have to say, that's NOT me.................

 John T

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