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Not RV but food for thought

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Yes I know it's not related to RVing but I thought some folks may be interested in what happens when a heavy vehicle runs away from its driver. So next time you look in your mirrors wonder if the heavy vehicle behind you is going to stop!!



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bruce posted what appears to be a driver having or had a heart attack, which happens more that we ever hear about on the news.

Don, utube video is of a truck that lost air brakes and spring brakes, which very seldom happens if the operator performs the daily air brake check diligently. That size truck should have had at least an exhaust brake or engine brake to aid slowing. It also has a manual transmission that can be down-shifted, even at the risk of ruining the engine when faced with that situation.

I think the truck driver knew he had no brakes soon enough to drive off the highway before reaching the school bus, you can hear him yelling in his dash cam video.

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Thank you for sharing the article and video about a heavy vehicle running away from its driver. This is certainly a frightening situation that can have serious consequences for anyone in the vehicle's path.

It's important for all drivers, including those operating heavy vehicles, to be aware of the risks of runaway vehicles and take appropriate measures to prevent them. This may include regular maintenance and inspection of the vehicle's brakes and other systems, as well as taking precautions when parking on inclines or other steep grades.

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